Top 20 Brunch Spots in SoHo: Savoring NYC’s Trendy Enclave

Imagine a Sunday morning in SoHo: the streets hum with anticipation, artistry adorns every corner, and the scent of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the crisp city air.

This is where brunch transcends mere meal status, becoming a cherished weekend ritual.

SoHo, with its undeniable charm and trendy vibes, hosts an array of brunch spots that cater to every palate and preference.

Let’s embark on a culinary journey through the top 20 brunch destinations in this vibrant NYC enclave, promising flavors as diverse and dynamic as the neighborhood itself.

Old Fashion Café

At Old Fashion Café, brunch feels like stepping into a friend’s cozy kitchen. Their caprese pizza isn’t just food; it’s a slice of heaven, with tomatoes so fresh, they taste like summer sunshine.

The ambiance, filled with soft lighting and smooth jazz, sets the stage for a leisurely morning.

Location: 110 Thompson St, New York

Contact us: (646) 484-5681

Reviewed by: Chhavi Ziessler

Odd Sister

Odd Sister brings a slice of avant-garde to SoHo’s brunch scene. Imagine sipping a Riesling so sweet, it whispers tales of distant vineyards, while your furry friend lounges by your side.

Their menu, a testament to culinary creativity, features dishes that are both a visual and gustatory delight.

Location: 45 Mercer St, New York

Contact us: (212) 966-9288

Reviewed by: William Cruit Murdough


Mediterranean flavors bloom at Shuka. Here, brunch is a voyage—each bite of their shakshuka transports you to a bustling market in Tel Aviv.

The spirited ambiance, combined with a menu that sings of the Mediterranean sea and sunshine, makes every visit a celebration of life.

Location: 38 MacDougal St, New York

Contact us: (212) 475-7500

Reviewed by: Mike Mcafee

Banter NYC

Healthy meets hearty at Banter NYC. Dive into their Banter big breakfast, a plate so rich and fulfilling, you’ll wonder how it whispers wellness.

The green vitality juice, a concoction that dazzles with its freshness, perfectly complements the vibrant dishes.

Location: 169 Sullivan St, New York

Reviewed by: Joseph Lopez

Three of Cups Restaurant

Three of Cups Restaurant invites you into an Italian brunch rendezvous. Imagine a brisket burger so flavorful, it dances on your palate with each bite.

The warmth of the staff and the quaint atmosphere make you linger longer, savoring the slice of Italy in SoHo.

Location: 150 Sullivan St, New York

Contact us: (646) 649-4221

Reviewed by: Annaliza Herz

Boqueria Soho

Boqueria Soho is where Spain’s heart beats in NYC. Sharing tapas among friends here isn’t just dining; it’s an act of communion, a celebration of togetherness.

The Patatas Bravas and Croquetas de setas stand out, embodying the soul of Spanish cuisine.

Location: 171 Spring St, New York

Contact us: (212) 343-4255

Reviewed by: Benítez Price

Ruby’s Cafe – Soho

At Ruby’s Cafe, the Australian vibes are as strong as their coffee. The Bronte burger, a masterpiece of flavors, and the sweet potato fries, crispy and tender, are brunch staples.

It’s a place where the buzz of SoHo fades into the background, leaving you in a serene Aussie oasis.

Location: 219 Mulberry St, New York

Contact us: (212) 925-5755

Reviewed by: Trina Jaded

Citizens Of Soho, A Breakfast Cafe

Citizens Of Soho welcomes you with a smile and a plate that feels like a morning hug.

Their golden French toast, drizzled with just the right amount of syrup, pairs perfectly with their artfully crafted lattes, turning breakfast into an art form.

Location: 201 Lafayette St, New York

Contact us: (347) 535-1245

Reviewed by: Giuseppe Barrie


Balthazar is an escape to Paris without leaving NYC. The elegance of their French toast, the freshness of their oysters, and the charm of the waitstaff transport you to a quaint bistro by the Seine, where brunch becomes a luxurious respite from the bustling city life.

Location: 80 Spring St, New York

Contact us: (212) 965-1414

Reviewed by: Danny Ordoñez

The Grey Dog

The Grey Dog is the epitome of cozy American brunch. Their omelet, fluffy and filled with the finest ingredients, accompanied by sweet potato fries, offers comfort on a plate, embodying the simplicity and warmth of classic American cuisine.

Location: 244 Mulberry St, New York

Contact us: (212) 966-1060

Reviewed by: Taylor Reynolds

Fanelli Café

Fanelli Café tells the story of New York through its menu. The pizza, a testament to the city’s culinary melting pot, offers a bite of history with each slice. It’s more than a meal; it’s a piece of SoHo’s rich tapestry.

Location: 94 Prince St, New York

Contact us: (212) 226-9412

Reviewed by: Brett Sanchez

Chobani SoHo

Chobani SoHo

At Chobani SoHo, yogurt is reinvented. Each bowl is a canvas, blending textures and flavors to create edible art.

The passion fruit mango slushy, a beacon of refreshment, exemplifies their mastery in turning simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences.

Location: 152 Prince St, New York

Contact us: (212) 364-3970

Reviewed by: Andy Martinez

Sadelle’s New York

Sadelle’s elevates the bagel to royalty. Their smoked salmon on a poppy seed bagel isn’t just breakfast; it’s a New York tradition, rich in flavor and history.

The bustling atmosphere adds to the vibrancy, making each visit memorable.

Location: 463 W Broadway, New York

Contact us: (212) 254-3000

Reviewed by: Brittany Moore

Jack’s Wife Freda

Jack’s Wife Freda is where stories are shared over plates of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

The steak sandwich, a harmony of tastes, and the array of cocktails, each with its own tale, invite you to become part of the SoHo narrative.

Location: 226 Lafayette St, New York

Contact us: (212) 510-8550

Reviewed by: Jasmine De


maman brings a touch of French countryside charm to SoHo. Each pastry, a piece of art, and each dish, a reflection of simple, rustic elegance, invites you to savor moments of joy amidst the urban rush.

Location: 239 Centre St, New York

Contact us: (212) 226-0700

Reviewed by: Mike Carrizo

12 Chairs Cafe

12 Chairs Cafe offers a slice of Israel in the heart of SoHo. The vibrant flavors, from the falafel to the shakshuka, envelop you in warmth, transforming brunch into an experience that transcends borders.

Location: 56 MacDougal St, New York

Contact us: (212) 254-8640

Reviewed by: Betsy Alexander De Leon

The Dutch

The Dutch infuses American dining with innovation. The honey butter biscuit, a golden delight, and the inventive brunch cocktails showcase the best of local produce, making each meal a celebration of American culinary diversity.

Location: 131 Sullivan St, New York

Contact us: (212) 677-6200

Reviewed by: Christopher Hoogle

La Mercerie

La Mercerie weaves French elegance into the fabric of SoHo. Dining here, surrounded by chic décor and indulging in meticulously crafted dishes, is like a serene pause, a gentle reminder of the beauty in details.

Location: 53 Howard St, New York

Contact us: (212) 852-9097

Reviewed by: Wylma Shields

Soho Diner

Soho Diner revives the classic diner experience with a modern twist. The vegan pancakes, light yet satisfying, alongside the classic cheese toasties, offer a taste of nostalgia, reimagined for the contemporary brunch-goer.

Location: 320 W Broadway, New York

Contact us: (212) 965-3011

Reviewed by: Marylou Kam

NOMO Kitchen

At NOMO Kitchen, global flavors meet local charm. The diverse menu, from the skirt steak to the chocolate mousse cake, paired with the stylish ambiance, encapsulates the essence of SoHo—where every corner holds a new world to discover.

Location: 9 Crosby St, New York

Contact us: (646) 218-6449

Reviewed by: Kacee Sarmiento

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Final Thoughts

Diving into SoHo’s brunch is like experiencing NYC’s pulse—every eatery has its own vibe and story, reflecting the area’s eclectic charm. From Balthazar’s luxurious French toast to the laid-back Australian vibes at Ruby’s Cafe, SoHo caters to all tastes.

Brunch in SoHo transcends a meal; it’s a cherished tradition, about discovering flavors, sharing moments with friends, and enjoying the dynamic district. The top 20 spots promise unique culinary adventures and cultural immersion.

Strolling through SoHo means being at the heart of NYC’s top brunch scene, offering everything from classic to contemporary dishes in settings ranging from quaint to chic.

Engage with SoHo’s brunch community; share your favorites and discoveries. It’s more than food—it’s about creating memories. SoHo’s welcoming tables await, making every brunch an unforgettable part of city life. Join in and find out why SoHo brunch is unmatched.

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