17 Best Brunch Spots in Downtown Brooklyn (Updated) 2024

Ah, brunch – the beloved weekend ritual that combines the best of breakfast and lunch into one glorious feast.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a neighborhood brimming with culinary gems, brunch takes on an entirely new level of deliciousness.

From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, this vibrant pocket of New York City offers a diverse array of mouthwatering options to fuel your day.

Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey through 17 of the best brunch restaurants in Downtown Brooklyn, each offering a unique and tantalizing experience.

1. AlMar


Why it’s a must-visit?

If you’re craving authentic Italian flavors for brunch, AlMar is an absolute must-visit.

This cozy restaurant exudes a classic Italian ambiance, with its cash-only policy adding a touch of old-world charm.

Step inside, and you’ll be transported to a quaint trattoria where every dish is crafted with passion and reverence for tradition.

Chef’s choice

  • Fave bean puree: A creamy and flavorful spread that sets the tone for a delightful meal.
  • Asparagus frittata: Light and fluffy, with a delicate crunch from the asparagus.
  • Paccheri: Indulge in this classic pasta dish, bursting with rich Italian flavors.
  • Egg in the cloud: A whimsical twist on the classic eggs, sure to delight your taste buds.
  • Delicious cocktails: Complement your meal with one of AlMar’s expertly crafted cocktails.

2. Bluestone Lane DUMBO Cafe in Downtown Brooklyn

Why it’s a must-visit?

For those seeking a healthier alternative, Bluestone Lane DUMBO Cafe is a true gem.

This Australian-inspired cafe prides itself on using fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients, infusing each dish with a delicate and refreshing essence.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be embraced by a welcoming ambiance that invites you to linger and savor every bite.

Chef’s choice

  • Soft chili scramble with avocado: A flavorful and nutritious start to your day.
  • Meatball sando: A hearty sandwich that will leave you feeling satisfied, yet guilt-free.
  • Banana bread: Indulge in this Australian classic, made with love and natural ingredients.
  • Athlete’s burrito: Packed with protein and flavor, perfect for fueling your active lifestyle.
  • House coffee: Pair your brunch with Bluestone Lane’s signature coffee blend.

3. Amarachi


Why it’s a must-visit?

Craving something truly unique and experimental? Look no further than Amarachi, where the fusion of American, Nigerian, and Caribbean cuisines takes center stage.

This exquisite restaurant specializes in delicious cocktails and offers an upscale environment perfect for fine dining.

After a long, hectic day, Amarachi is the ideal spot to unwind and re-energize yourself.

Chef’s choice

  • Mimosas by the pitcher: What better way to start your weekend than with a pitcher of refreshing mimosas?
  • Live DJ: Enjoy your brunch with the added ambiance of a live DJ, setting the perfect backdrop for a memorable experience.
  • Baby showers, anniversaries, romantic dates: Amarachi’s sophisticated atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions or intimate gatherings.

4. Vinegar Hill House

Why it’s a must-visit?

Nestled along the Brooklyn waterfront, Vinegar Hill House is a brunch destination unlike any other.

Offering a cozy ambiance with sidewalk seating, a main dining room, garden, and dining area, this restaurant is perfect for any weather condition.

Open on Saturdays, Vinegar Hill House serves up familiar and delicious brunch options that will leave you craving more.

Chef’s choice

  • Sourdough blueberry pancakes: Fluffy and bursting with fresh blueberry flavors, these pancakes are a true treat.
  • Greek yogurt parfait: A refreshing and healthy option, layered with fresh fruits and crunchy granola.
  • Provolone press: Indulge in this delightful grilled cheese sandwich, oozing with melted provolone.
  • Mortadella omelet: A savory and protein-packed omelet, perfect for satisfying those heartier cravings.

5. Bacchus


Why it’s a must-visit?

If you’re in the mood for classic French delicacies, Bacchus is an absolute must-visit.

This outstanding bistro has earned a reputation as one of the 5-star dining destinations in Downtown Brooklyn, thanks to its high-end wine options and mouthwatering French fare.

With a beautiful back garden and indoor seating area, Bacchus keeps you comfortable no matter the weather.

Chef’s choice

  • French onion soup: Rich and flavorful, this classic soup is a true comfort food.
  • Octopus: Expertly prepared and bursting with Mediterranean flavors, this dish is a seafood lover’s delight.
  • Brunch burger: Elevate your brunch experience with Bacchus’ signature burger, a culinary masterpiece.
  • Cake Benedict: A delightful twist on the classic Eggs Benedict, featuring a decadent cake base.

6. Pollo D’Oro

Why it’s a must-visit?

Pollo D’Oro is a true gem for those seeking to broaden their culinary horizons.

This unique restaurant offers a diverse range of dining spots nearby, making it the perfect starting point for an epicurean adventure.

With beautiful outdoor seating and a curated list of signature cocktails, Pollo D’Oro provides a delightful brunch experience like no other.

Chef’s choice

  • French toast: Indulge in this sweet and indulgent classic, prepared to perfection.
  • Oro bites: Sample a variety of delectable small bites, perfect for sharing with friends or family.
  • Salmon d’oro: Beautifully presented and bursting with fresh flavors, this salmon dish is a must-try.
  • Arroz con pato: A hearty and flavorful rice dish, infused with the richness of duck.

7. Colonie


Why it’s a must-visit?

For those seeking a sustainable and locally-sourced brunch experience, Colonie is the perfect destination.

This small, local business takes a thoughtful approach to creating healthy and flavorful dishes, sourcing ingredients from local farms and emphasizing the importance of farm-to-table practices.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance that perfectly complements the delicious American cuisine on offer.

Chef’s choice

  • Ricotta Bombolini: Light and airy, these delightful ricotta doughnuts are sure to melt in your mouth.
  • Mushroom plate crostini: A delightful blend of earthy mushrooms atop crispy crostini, perfect for sharing.
  • Chocolate budino: Indulge in this decadent chocolate dessert, a true treat for the senses.
  • Turkish eggs: A unique and flavorful twist on classic eggs, inspired by traditional Turkish cuisine.

8. Verde on Smith

Why it’s a must-visit?

Established in 2009, Verde on Smith has quickly become one of the top-rated brunch spots in Downtown Brooklyn.

This intimate and personal Italian restaurant offers a sophisticated spin on classic dishes, all served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot for a romantic date or a lively gathering with friends, Verde on Smith delivers an unforgettable experience.

Chef’s choice

  • One-hour bottomless brunch deal: Indulge in unlimited mimosas, bellinis, screwdrivers, bloody marys, and more with the purchase of an entrée.
  • Outdoor and rooftop patio: Enjoy your brunch al fresco, soaking in the vibrant energy of Downtown Brooklyn.
  • Shareable plates: Embrace the spirit of community by ordering a variety of shareable plates, encouraging conversation and connection.

9. Boutros


Why it’s a must-visit?

Boutros is a beloved local restaurant that puts a unique spin on Mediterranean and American classics.

With a focus on shareable plates and a communal table setting, this eatery fosters a sense of community and belonging.

The inviting atmosphere and delectable cuisine make Boutros a top choice for family outings or gatherings with friends.

Chef’s choice

  • Shakshuka: A flavorful and comforting dish featuring eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce.
  • Challah French toast: A decadent twist on the classic French toast, made with traditional challah bread.
  • Bulgur fried rice soujouk: A unique and flavorful fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.
  • Mexican chocolate atayaf fried pancakes: Indulge in these delightful pancakes, infused with the rich flavors of Mexican chocolate.

10. Chez Moi

Why it’s a must-visit?

For a refined and sophisticated brunch experience, look no further than Chez Moi.

This French cuisine dining establishment in Downtown Brooklyn exudes elegance and charm, making it the perfect spot for romantic dates or special occasions.

With a sleek and modern interior, Chez Moi offers a touch of Parisian flair in the heart of Brooklyn.

Chef’s choice

  • Croque monsieur: A classic French sandwich, oozing with melted cheese and ham.
  • French toast: Indulge in this decadent and sweet breakfast treat, prepared with expert technique.
  • Quiche Lorraine: A savory and satisfying quiche, filled with bacon, cheese, and a buttery crust.
  • Crispy chicken sandwich: Elevate your brunch with this crispy and flavorful chicken sandwich.

11. Cafe d’Avignon – Dekalb Market Hall

Cafe d'Avignon – Dekalb Market Hall

Why it’s a must-visit?

Cafe d’Avignon – Dekalb Market Hall is not just a brunch restaurant; it’s a specialized bakery that offers a true taste of European inspiration.

Known for their wholesome goodies, delicious bread, and pastries, this cafe is a perfect spot for those seeking a quick and delicious brunch on-the-go.

With a fast-paced service, you can easily indulge in their mouthwatering offerings without sacrificing precious time.

Chef’s choice

  • Coconut yogurt bowl: Start your day with a refreshing and healthy coconut yogurt bowl, topped with fresh fruits and granola.
  • Feta quiche: Indulge in this savory quiche, featuring the tangy flavors of feta cheese.
  • Scrambled egg toast: A classic breakfast staple, elevated with fresh ingredients and expert preparation.
  • Spinach taboule grain bowl: For a heartier and nutrient-packed option, try this flavorful grain bowl filled with spinach and other fresh veggies.

12. Black Walnut

Why it’s a must-visit?

Located inside the esteemed Hilton Brooklyn, Black Walnut is a popular Friday brunch spot in Downtown Brooklyn.

This upscale eatery offers a unique fusion of American, Asian, and Southern flavors, creating a truly elevated brunch experience.

With a sophisticated ambiance and gourmet menu, Black Walnut is the perfect choice for celebrating special occasions or indulging in a luxurious brunch.

Chef’s choice

  • Breakfast crêpe: Light and fluffy, these crêpes are filled with a variety of sweet and savory fillings, sure to delight your taste buds.
  • Smoked salmon platter: Beautifully presented and bursting with fresh flavors, this salmon platter is a true feast for the senses.
  • Bread pudding French toast: A decadent twist on the classic French toast, featuring the rich flavors of bread pudding.
  • Cheddar omelet: A hearty and satisfying omelet, bursting with the tangy flavors of cheddar cheese.

13. Junior’s Restaurant

Junior's Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

Junior’s Restaurant is a true sanctuary for those with a sweet tooth, offering generous portion sizes and a wide variety of delectable dessert options.

With a focus on customization, this eatery allows you to create your own brunch experience, catering to your specific cravings.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef’s choice

  • Colossal cheesecake: Indulge in Junior’s legendary cheesecake, a towering masterpiece that will leave you speechless.
  • Eggs with grits, tomatoes, and home fries: A hearty and comforting breakfast option, featuring classic Southern flavors.
  • Chef’s specialty section: Customize your brunch to your heart’s content with Junior’s extensive selection of specialty dishes.

14. New Apollo Diner

Why it’s a must-visit?

For those seeking a nostalgic and comforting brunch experience, the New Apollo Diner is a true gem.

With a rustic and vintage ambiance, this diner transports you back to the golden age of Brooklyn, where every bite is a celebration of classic American flavors.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to linger and savor every moment.

Chef’s choice

  • Creamy carbonara: Indulge in this rich and indulgent pasta dish, featuring a silky smooth carbonara sauce.
  • Pancetta and steaks: Hearty and flavorful, these classic meat dishes are sure to satisfy your cravings.
  • Homestyle baked goodies: From fluffy biscuits to decadent muffins, the New Apollo Diner’s baked goods are a true treat.
  • Sandwiches: Whether you prefer a classic BLT or a hearty club sandwich, the New Apollo Diner has a wide variety of delectable options to choose from.

15. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Why it’s a must-visit?

For those seeking a truly indulgent and boozy brunch experience, Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is an absolute must-visit.

This upscale steakhouse is renowned for its aromatic steaks and delicious cocktails, making it the perfect spot for a weekend brunch with friends.

With a lively atmosphere and specialized brunch options, Fogo de Chão offers a rejuvenating kick to start your day.

Chef’s choice

  • Delicious cocktails: Crafted with fresh ingredients and expert mixology, Fogo de Chão’s cocktails are the perfect cure for a hangover or a great way to kick off your weekend.
  • Steak and eggs: A classic brunch dish, elevated with Fogo de Chão’s expertly grilled steaks and perfectly cooked eggs.
  • Saffron semolina pancakes: Indulge in these unique and flavorful pancakes, infused with the rich flavors of saffron.
  • Eggs and bacon: A brunch staple, prepared with the highest quality ingredients and expert technique.

16. Superfine

Why it’s a must-visit?

Housed inside a stunning warehouse building, Superfine is a Mediterranean dining destination that should not be missed.

This chic and trendy local restaurant boasts a botanical beauty, with a warehouse-inspired wall that adds a touch of nature to the overall ambiance.

Whether you’re a nature lover or simply appreciate a beautiful setting, Superfine is sure to captivate you with its unique atmosphere.

Chef’s choice

  • Cuban sandwich: A classic sandwich packed with flavor, featuring ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, and tangy pickles.
  • Lobster Benedict: Elevate your brunch experience with this decadent twist on the classic Eggs Benedict, featuring succulent lobster.
  • Angus beef burger: Indulge in a juicy and flavorful Angus beef burger, topped with your favorite fixings.
  • Pancakes with chicken: A unique and savory take on pancakes, featuring tender chicken and a variety of delicious toppings.

17. Myrtle and Gold

Myrtle and Gold

Why it’s a must-visit?

Myrtle and Gold redefines the idea of a perfect brunch through its freshly baked goodies and stunning presentation.

With a vintage and hip atmosphere, this eatery has become a favorite among youngsters and foodies alike.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be captivated by the photogenic plating and the irresistible aromas wafting from the kitchen.

Chef’s choice

  • Light pulled pork eggs Benedict: A delightful twist on the classic Eggs Benedict, featuring tender pulled pork and a light and flavorful hollandaise sauce.
  • Balthazar: A beloved pastry that combines the best of sweet and savory flavors, perfect for indulging your cravings.
  • Freshly baked brunch options: From fluffy croissants to moist muffins, Myrtle and Gold’s baked goods are a true treat for the senses.

Final Thoughts

Downtown Brooklyn’s brunch scene is a culinary wonderland, offering a diverse array of flavors, atmospheres, and experiences.

From cozy neighborhood gems to upscale dining destinations, this vibrant area caters to every palate and preference.

Whether you’re seeking classic American fare, fusion cuisines, sustainable and locally-sourced options, or indulgent treats, Downtown Brooklyn has it all.

Embrace the opportunity to explore and indulge in the best brunch spots this incredible neighborhood has to offer, creating cherished memories with loved ones over exquisite meals.

Some Key Highlights:

  • Diverse Cuisine Options: From Italian to Australian, American to French, Nigerian to Caribbean, Downtown Brooklyn caters to every palate.
  • Unique Dining Experiences: Enjoy brunch with a live DJ at Amarachi, indulge in shareable plates at Boutros, or sip on bottomless mimosas at Verde on Smith.
  • Sustainable and Local Sourcing: Colonie champions farm-to-table practices, sourcing ingredients from local farms.
  • Nostalgic Vibes: Step back in time at the New Apollo Diner, where classic American flavors reign supreme.
  • Upscale Ambiances: Treat yourself to a luxurious brunch at Black Walnut or Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse.

No matter your preference, Downtown Brooklyn’s brunch scene is sure to leave you satisfied and eager to return for more.

So, gather your friends and family, and get ready to embark on a delicious adventure through the best brunch spots in this vibrant neighborhood.

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