Margie Washichek (Jimmy Buffett’s Ex-Wife): A Comprehensive Biography

Margie Washichek, a name that might not immediately ring a bell for many, holds a significant place in the life story of one of America’s most beloved musicians, Jimmy Buffett. As Buffett’s first wife, Margie played a crucial role in the early years of his career and personal life.

This article delves into the life of Margie Washichek, exploring her background, her relationship with Jimmy Buffett, and her life after their divorce.

Biography and Wiki

Early Life and Background

Margie Washichek was born in the early 1940s in Mobile, Alabama. Growing up in the American South, she was exposed to the rich cultural tapestry that would later influence her ex-husband’s music. While specific details about her childhood and family are scarce, it’s known that Margie spent her formative years in Alabama, a state that would play a significant role in her future.


As of 2024, Margie Washichek is estimated to be in her early 80s. The exact date of her birth is not publicly known, which is not uncommon for individuals who were thrust into the public eye through their association with celebrities rather than their own pursuits.


Information about Margie Washichek’s physical attributes, including her height, is not readily available in public records. This lack of information reflects the private nature of her life, both during and after her marriage to Jimmy Buffett.

Education Background

Details about Margie Washichek’s formal education are limited. However, it’s believed that she completed her high school education in Mobile, Alabama. Whether she pursued higher education remains unclear, as much of her life before meeting Jimmy Buffett is not well-documented in public sources.

Marriage to Jimmy Buffett

Margie Washichek’s life took a significant turn when she met Jimmy Buffett in the late 1960s. The couple married in 1969 when Buffett was still an unknown musician trying to make his mark in the industry. Their union came at a crucial time in Buffett’s life, as he was just beginning to pursue his musical career seriously.

The marriage between Margie and Jimmy was brief but impactful. They were together during Buffett’s early struggles in the music industry, a period that would later inspire many of his songs. The couple lived in Nashville for a time, where Buffett worked as a Billboard Magazine correspondent while trying to launch his music career.


Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett did not have any children together during their short-lived marriage. This aspect of their relationship stands in contrast to Buffett’s later marriage, from which he has three children.


Information about Margie Washichek’s family, both her family of origin and any family she may have had after her divorce from Buffett, is not widely available. This lack of information underscores the private life she has led since her brief time in the public eye as Buffett’s wife.


Margie Washichek’s career path is not well-documented in public sources. During her marriage to Jimmy Buffett, she likely supported his budding music career, but the specifics of her own professional pursuits during this time are unclear. After their divorce, Margie seems to have maintained a low profile, and details about her subsequent career choices are not readily available.

Net Worth

Estimating Margie Washichek’s net worth is challenging due to the limited public information about her life and career after her divorce from Jimmy Buffett. While her ex-husband went on to amass significant wealth through his music and business ventures, Margie’s financial situation remains private.

Social Media Presence

In keeping with her private lifestyle, Margie Washichek does not appear to have a significant presence on social media platforms. This absence from public online spaces further emphasizes her desire to maintain privacy and distance from the celebrity world she was once adjacent to.

The Woman Behind The Music Icon

Early Influence on Jimmy Buffett’s Career

While Margie Washichek’s marriage to Jimmy Buffett was brief, it coincided with a crucial period in his musical development. The late 1960s and early 1970s were formative years for Buffett as he honed his craft and developed the unique style that would eventually make him famous.

During their marriage, Margie likely provided emotional support and stability as Buffett navigated the challenging early years of his career. The experiences they shared during this time, including their life in Nashville and Buffett’s initial forays into the music industry, undoubtedly influenced his songwriting and artistic vision.

Inspiration for Early Songs

Although Margie and Jimmy’s relationship ended in divorce, their time together left an indelible mark on Buffett’s music. Some of his early songs are believed to have been inspired by their relationship and subsequent separation. While Buffett has always been discreet about the specific inspirations for his lyrics, music critics and fans have speculated about the influence of his first marriage on his early work.

The Nashville Years

Margie and Jimmy’s time in Nashville was particularly significant. It was here that Buffett began to make connections in the music industry and develop his unique blend of country, folk, and coastal-inspired sounds. Margie’s presence during this period likely provided a sense of home and support as Buffett worked to establish himself in a competitive industry.

The Woman Behind The Struggles

Challenges of a Musician’s Wife

Being married to an aspiring musician comes with its own set of challenges, and Margie Washichek likely faced many of these during her marriage to Jimmy Buffett. The uncertainty of the music industry, irregular income, and the demands of Buffett’s growing career would have put strain on their relationship.

Financial Insecurity

In the early years of Buffett’s career, financial stability was likely a significant concern. As he worked to establish himself, the couple may have faced financial hardships common to many young artists trying to break into the music industry. This financial insecurity could have been a source of stress in their relationship.

The Demands of the Road

As Buffett began to gain traction in his career, the demands of touring and performing would have increased. This lifestyle, with its long absences and irregular schedule, can be challenging for any relationship. Margie may have found herself navigating the complexities of supporting her husband’s career while also maintaining a sense of normalcy and stability in their personal life.

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The Big Break(up)

The End of the Marriage

Margie Washichek and Jimmy Buffett’s marriage came to an end in 1971, just two years after they wed. The specific reasons for their divorce are not widely known, as both parties have maintained privacy regarding the details of their separation.

Impact on Buffett’s Career

The divorce coincided with a pivotal moment in Buffett’s career. In 1971, he released his first album, “Down to Earth,” marking the beginning of his rise to fame. The end of his marriage to Margie may have influenced his music and career trajectory, possibly providing emotional fuel for his songwriting.

Margie’s Life Post-Divorce

After the divorce, Margie Washichek largely disappeared from the public eye. Unlike many ex-spouses of celebrities who maintain a public presence, Margie chose to lead a private life away from the spotlight. This decision has left much of her post-divorce life a mystery to the public and media.

Post-Divorce Pursuits

Maintaining Privacy

One of the most notable aspects of Margie Washichek’s life after her divorce from Jimmy Buffett is her successful maintenance of privacy. In an age where information about celebrities and their associates is often readily available, Margie has managed to keep details of her personal life out of the public domain.

Possible Career and Personal Developments

While specific information is scarce, it’s likely that Margie pursued her own personal and professional interests after her divorce. Whether this involved a career change, further education, or focusing on personal relationships is unknown, but her ability to maintain privacy suggests a life lived on her own terms, away from the glare of public scrutiny.

Reflections on the Past

Occasionally, in interviews or memoirs, Jimmy Buffett has made brief mentions of his first marriage. These references, while respectful, are typically vague, suggesting a mutual agreement to keep the details of their relationship private. Margie herself has not publicly commented on her time with Buffett or her life since, further emphasizing her commitment to privacy.


Who was Jimmy Buffett’s first wife?

Jimmy Buffett’s first wife was Margie Washichek. They were married from 1969 to 1971, during the early years of Buffett’s music career. Their relationship coincided with Buffett’s time in Nashville and his initial foray into the music industry.

Is Jimmy Buffett still married to Jane Slagsvol?

Yes, as of 2024, Jimmy Buffett is still married to Jane Slagsvol. They have been married since 1977 and have three children together. Their long-lasting marriage has been a significant part of Buffett’s personal life and career.

Who are Jimmy Buffett’s kids?

Jimmy Buffett has three children, all from his marriage to Jane Slagsvol:

  1. Savannah Jane Buffett (born June 1, 1979)
  2. Sarah Delaney Buffett (born April 1, 1992)
  3. Cameron Marley Buffett (adopted)

Buffett did not have any children with his first wife, Margie Washichek.

Where did Jimmy Buffett live?

Jimmy Buffett has lived in various locations throughout his life and career. Some notable places include:

  • Mobile, Alabama (birthplace)
  • Nashville, Tennessee (early career)
  • Key West, Florida (significant influence on his music)
  • Palm Beach, Florida
  • St. Barts (Caribbean)

Buffett is known for his love of coastal living and has homes in several tropical locations that align with his “island escapism” lifestyle and musical themes.

What is known about Margie Washichek’s life after her divorce from Jimmy Buffett?

Very little is known about Margie Washichek’s life following her divorce from Jimmy Buffett in 1971. She has maintained a high level of privacy and has not sought public attention. Details about her career, subsequent relationships, or current whereabouts are not widely available. This privacy has allowed her to lead a life away from the spotlight associated with her brief marriage to the famous musician.


Margie Washichek’s story, though brief in the public eye, is an intriguing chapter in the life of Jimmy Buffett and the history of American popular music. As Buffett’s first wife, she was present during the formative years of his career, likely influencing his early music and providing support during his initial struggles in the industry.

The brevity of their marriage and the subsequent privacy Margie has maintained have left many questions unanswered. However, this very mystery adds to the intrigue surrounding her role in Buffett’s life story. While Jimmy Buffett went on to become a music icon, successful businessman, and beloved cultural figure, Margie Washichek chose a path of privacy and anonymity.

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