Nearest Metro Station To Faridabad Railway Station

Faridabad Railway Station serves as a vital transportation hub within the bustling Delhi NCR region, connecting Faridabad to various destinations across India.For residents and travelers alike, efficient and accessible transportation options are paramount. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nearest metro station to Faridabad Railway Station and explore the convenience it offers for commuters and tourists.The nearest metro station to Faridabad Railway Station is Neelam Chowk Ajronda Metro Station. 

It is just a short walk away, making it convenient for travelers transferring between rail and metro services.This metro station serves as a crucial transportation hub for commuters traveling within Faridabad and to nearby areas.With easy access to the metro, navigating the city becomes quicker and more accessible for both locals and visitors.

Understanding Faridabad Railway Station

Faridabad Railway Station, situated in Haryana, forms an integral part of the Northern Railway zone of Indian Railways.Its strategic location within the Delhi NCR region enhances connectivity and facilitates seamless travel for thousands of passengers daily. 

The station boasts modern amenities, including waiting lounges, ticket counters and restroom facilities, ensuring a comfortable travel experience for all.

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Faridabad Railway Station to Metro Station distance

The distance from Faridabad Railway Station to the nearest metro station varies depending on your destination.Generally, the closest metro station, Sector 28 Metro Station, is around 3 kilometers away. 

You can reach it easily by taking a short taxi or rickshaw ride.Alternatively, if you are heading towards Badarpur Metro Station, it is approximately 5 kilometers away. Both options offer convenient access to Faridabad’s metro network, making travel around the city and beyond simple and efficient.

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Nearest Metro Station: Old Faridabad Metro Station

When it comes to accessing the metro network from Faridabad Railway Station, Old Faridabad Metro Station emerges as the nearest and most convenient option.Located a mere 300 meters away, it offers a hassle free connection for commuters transitioning between rail and metro services.

Nearest Metro Station To Faridabad Railway Station

A brisk 5 minute walk from the railway station leads passengers to the entrance of Old Faridabad Metro Station, making it an ideal choice for those seeking swift transfers.

Faridabad Railway Station to Bata Chowk Metro Station distance

The distance between Faridabad Railway Station and Bata Chowk Metro Station is relatively short, making it convenient for commuters.It is a quick journey by either private or public transportation. 

Whether you prefer taking a taxi, auto rickshaw,hopping on a local bus, reaching Bata Chowk Metro Station from Faridabad Railway Station is hassle free and does not take much time.

Many commuters opt for the metro as it offers a swift and reliable mode of transportation between these two points.With frequent metro services and minimal waiting time, travelers can easily navigate from Faridabad Railway Station to Bata Chowk Metro Station and vice versa, enjoying a smooth transition between rail and metro networks.

Alternative Metro Stations

While Old Faridabad Metro Station stands as the primary choice for its proximity, alternative metro stations also provide viable options for commuters with specific destinations or preferences. Badkal Mor Metro Station, located approximately 1.5 km away, offers convenient access for travelers seeking onward journeys towards certain areas of Faridabad. 

Similarly, Neelam Chowk Ajronda Metro Station, situated around 1.9 km from the railway station, serves as another alternative for commuters exploring different parts of the city.

Alternative Metro Stations

Metro StationDistance from Faridabad Railway StationMode of TransportTravel Time
Badkal Mor Metro Station1.5 kmCab/Taxi5 minutes
Neelam Chowk Ajronda Metro Station1.9 kmCab/Taxi10 minutes

Choosing the Right Metro Station

Selecting the most suitable metro station depends on various factors, including the traveler’s destination and preferred mode of transportation.For those heading towards Escorts Mujesar or Ballabgarh, Neelam Chowk Ajronda Metro Station proves to be a favorable choice. 

Conversely, commuters bound for Delhi or Kashmere Gate will find Manav Rachna Badkal Mor Metro Station as the optimal option.By assessing individual travel needs and consulting route maps, passengers can streamline their journey and maximize convenience.

Faridabad Metro Station list

  • Key hub in Faridabad’s metro network.
  • Connects Faridabad and neighboring areas.
  • Access to Bata Chowk, Old Faridabad, Escorts Mujesar.
  • Trains to Delhi and NCR.
  • Modern amenities: ticket counters, waiting areas.
  • Vital for enhancing connectivity.

Delhi Metro Map

The Delhi Metro Map shows all the routes and stations of the metro system in Delhi.It helps people find their way around the city easily.Each line on the map is a different color, making it simple to understand and follow.

Nearest Metro Station To Faridabad Railway Station

With the Delhi Metro Map, travelers can plan their journeys efficiently, knowing which stations to board and depart from.It is a helpful tool for both residents and tourists navigating Delhi’s vast urban landscape.Whether you are commuting to work or exploring the city’s landmarks, the Delhi Metro Map is your guide to seamless travel in India’s capital.


Which line of Metro goes to Faridabad?

The Violet Line of the Delhi Metro serves Faridabad.

What is the name of Faridabad Railway Station?

Faridabad Railway Station is the name of the station.

How many metro stations are there in Faridabad?

Faridabad has a total of nine metro stations.

Which is the nearest metro station to Delhi railway station Quora?

The nearest metro station to Delhi Railway Station is New Delhi Metro Station.

Final Thought

Navigating from Faridabad Railway Station to the nearest metro station offers travelers a seamless transition between rail and metro services.With Old Faridabad Metro Station located just a stone’s throw away, commuters can embark on their onward journey with ease. 

Alternative metro stations provide flexibility for those with specific destinations in mind.By leveraging the diverse metro network in Faridabad, passengers can explore the city’s attractions and reach their desired destinations efficiently.

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