United Airlines

United Airlines operates primarily out of Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), serving both domestic and international flights.

  • B Domestic Arrivals
  • B Domestic Departures
  • E International Arrivals
  • B International Departures

Renowned as one of the world’s largest carriers, United Airlines offers global connectivity from Boston Logan International Airport.

Departures on United Airlines are conveniently centralized within the bustling Terminal B, ensuring seamless travel experiences for passengers bound for various destinations.

Terminal Assignment in United Airlines

Renowned for its passenger-centric amenities, Terminal B at Boston Logan International Airport is exclusively utilized by United Airlines, boasting the distinction of being the largest terminal in operation.

Geographical Placement of Terminal B

Terminal B is strategically located in the northwest corner of Boston Logan International Airport, just about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the bustling heart of downtown Boston.

Those journeying through Terminal B will discover a plethora of amenities, such as:

  • A variety of culinary options at numerous restaurants.
  • An extensive selection of shops for a delightful shopping experience.
  • Convenient access to ATMs for financial transactions.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for staying connected.
  • Close proximity to airport hotels for additional accommodation choices.

Finding your way to Terminal B is as easy as pie.

Accessing Terminal B with Ease

Situated in the northwest corner of Boston Logan International Airport, Terminal B is easily accessible from downtown Boston, allowing travelers to embark on their journeys with minimal hassle.

Multiple transportation options are available:

🚍 Bus: Board Bus #22 from downtown Boston, and you’ll arrive at Terminal B in approximately 30 minutes.

🚇 Subway: Take Tram #3 to the Boston Logan International Airport Station, followed by a brisk 10-minute walk to Terminal B.

🚕 Taxi: Hail a taxi from downtown Boston, and you’ll reach Terminal B in a convenient ride costing around $25.

United’s Global Reach from Boston

From its hub at Terminal B, United Airlines offers an extensive network of flights, connecting Boston to cities across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Whether you’re a business traveler or seeking leisure adventures, this global carrier provides endless opportunities to explore the world.

For comprehensive details on baggage regulations and other essential travel information, passengers are encouraged to visit United Airlines‘ official website, ensuring a seamless and well-informed journey from start to finish.

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