30 Best Men’s Haircuts for Round Face Shape 2024: Good Hairstyles Tailored for Your Features

Ah, the joys of having cheeks everyone wants to pinch! But as adulthood hits, it’s all about finding that edgy haircut to complement that round face of yours.

Let’s dive in!

Round faces? Think soft chin, wide cheekbones, and a jawline that’s distinct yet gentle. But let’s not forget, it’s all about working with those curves.

To figure out if you’re part of the round face crew, take a selfie and see if you’re more circle than square. If yes, you’re in the right place.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle to flatter your round face shape is an absolute game-changer.

It can elongate, contour, and bring out your best features. 2024 is your year to embrace those adorable cheeks with some seriously stylish men’s haircuts. Get ready to turn heads!

Short Male Hairstyles to Flaunt on a Round Face

Discovering the perfect hairstyle for a round face can be a game-changer, especially for those with shorter locks.

Embrace confidence and style with our curated selection of short male hairstyles tailored to complement and flaunt the features of a round face.

The Brit Look with a Twist!

The Brit Look with a Twist!

Ever thought of blending classic vibes with modern flair? Enter the Britannica with its iconic upswept bangs. This men’s hairstyle isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about shaping perception.

Picture this: shorter sides and back, with a glorious length up top. Want a retro feel? Go for that oblique parting.

But if you’re leaning modern, just grab some product and lift that hair sky-high. The goal? Draw eyes upwards and elongate that face a tad.

Fun fact: Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio rocks this style, occasionally spicing things up with a Princeton twist. A timeless look for all you round-faced gents.

Crew Cut Vibes

Crew Cut Vibes

Diving into the classic crew cut, it’s like the cooler cousin of the buzz cut.

Not too short, you’ve got room to play with some styling – give those bangs a lift or play around with a mini-Mohawk vibe. Perfect for dudes who want that neat look without the fuss.

Fun fact: This look has roots dating back to 19th-century America, especially among Ivy League students! Just remember, if you’re sporting a round face, the crew cut’s got your back by not emphasizing those cheeks.

Quick Tip: Don’t push those bangs straight back! Instead, give ’em a lift to elongate that face.

Mohawk Makeover

Mohawk Makeover

Feeling a bit adventurous? Consider a stylized Mohawk! Short sides, longer top – it’s like the best of both worlds.

To nail this look, gather that hair from the crown and front, and style it up into that signature Mohawk.

Over time, your hair will get the memo, making styling a breeze. Best part? It adds some cool volume up top, balancing out that roundness.

Princeton Perfection

Princeton Perfection

Here’s a style that screams sophistication with a dash of rebel – the Princeton cut. A fusion of the Brit and semi-box, it’s got that elongated top perfect for a sleek back or some playful ruffling.

Originating from the iconic Princeton University, this look fits the bill for all ages. Whether you’re a young gun going for that edgy vibe or channeling your inner DiCaprio with a slick back, this style’s got versatility written all over it.

Medium Hair Magic: Hairstyles for Round-Faced Gents

Let’s spill some tea on round face shape hairstyles: Steer clear of that super sleek look; we don’t want any bowling ball vibes! Dive into styles that amp up the volume while keeping things sharp.

The Textured Mid-Length Mane

The Textured Mid-Length Mane

Looking for a timeless cut that plays well with rounder mugs? Enter the textured mid-length cut. Think longer strands on top, a crisp fringe, and a stylish back.

Whether your locks are curly, straight, thick, or on the finer side, this cut’s got options for days.

Justin Timberlake’s been rocking this look, sometimes slicked to the side, sometimes lifted, and occasionally just letting those locks dance freely.

And hey, for all our fuller-faced, chubby-cheeked folks out there: Avoid those sharp lines! Go for those smooth fades to keep things balanced.

Shaggy Vibes a la Daniel Radcliffe

Shaggy Vibes a la Daniel Radcliffe

For the leaner guys with round faces, why not channel your inner Radcliffe? His go-to? The shaggy mid-length look.

It’s all about that textured flow from the crown to the sides, accentuating those cheekbones and adding some edge.

Whether you’re feeling a grungy vibe or a polished look, this cut’s versatile. Play around: slick the bangs back, side-sweep ’em, or give ’em that bold upward lift. The world’s your oyster, and this style? Your perfect shell.

The Classic Undercut

The Classic Undercut

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will suit a man with a round face, check out the classic undercut.

This haircut is characterized by medium-length hair on the top of the head with a gradual transition to shorter lengths at the temples and the back of the head.

Long Locks, No Blocks: Male Haircuts for Round-Faced Guys

Dreaming of channeling your inner Viking or samurai? Don’t let those round cheeks deter you.

Here’s the lowdown on male long hairstyles that’ll have you feeling regal:

Bob with a Flair

Bob with a Flair

For our gents with fuller cheeks, consider styles that elongate that face shape. Enter the graduated bob. Ditch that straight part – it only accentuates roundness.

Instead, elevate your look with a slightly teased style. Pair it with a beard, and you’re basically a modern-day Viking. Blonde? Even better.

The Topknot Touchdown

The Topknot Touchdown

Want to amp up the volume? The high bun’s your go-to. It’s trending, it’s bold, and it’s perfect for our round-faced friends.Rock it with a beard for that rugged appeal.

Heads-Up: Shaving those temples for a topknot? Maybe think twice. Opt for a gradient cut instead, letting those locks elegantly frame your face when you tie it up.

Graduated Bob: A Game-Changer

Graduated Bob: A Game-Changer

Looking for that perfect style to complement your round face? Enter the graduated bob! This isn’t just any cut; it’s all about those cheekbone-length strands that gracefully cascade, offering you the choice to tuck them behind the ears or let them flow free.

Let’s not forget those bangs—soft, face-framing, and just the trick to play up those cheekbones.

Flashback to younger Leonardo DiCaprio rocking this look, making us all swoon. Fast forward, and even Brad Pitt tried it out, adding a hint of rugged charm with some light stubble. A nod to the heartthrobs who know their style.

Style Tips for the Round-Faced Men

Caught the inspiration bug? Ready to revamp that hair game? Here are some styling nuggets to keep in mind:

👉 Boost that volume up top! Whether it’s a lifted bang or a cheeky Mohawk, aim to elongate that face shape.

👉 If you’re sporting longer locks, go for that slick-back style, but keep it lively—no flat looks here!

👉 When it comes to product, think light. A touch of mousse or foam can do wonders without weighing your locks down.

👉 Steer clear of super short cuts that accentuate that roundness. Instead, opt for styles with a bit of length on top, blending seamlessly into the sides.

👉 Bangs dilemma? Skip the straight-across styles. A little lift or a side sweep adds that perfect asymmetrical touch.

Styles to Sidestep

Now, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but there are a few styles our round-faced buddies might want to think twice about.

Think sharp angles and clear-cut transitions like the andercut, side part, or the classic British on the parting. These cuts? They might just accentuate those cherubic cheeks more than you’d like!

“The greatest thing in style is having a point of view” – Marc Jacobs

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, true style shines when you work with what you’ve got. Those round face boys?

You’ve got options galore in 2024 to play up those dashing features.

Whether it’s a timeless mid-length cut or a bold mohawk makeover, the key is rocking your look with utter confidence!

So grab those shears (or visit your stylist) and get ready to turn heads, lads.

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