50 Korean Hairstyles for Men 2024

From fashion to music, Korean culture has taken the world by storm – and hairstyles are no exception.

Korean men’s haircuts have become a global phenomenon, inspiring trends everywhere.

In 2024, we can expect to see a continuation of this “Korean hair revolution” with an array of fresh, bold, and stylish looks.

So gear up, because we’re about to explore 50 of the hottest Korean hairstyles for men that are predicted to make major waves in the coming year. Get ready to take notes and find your new signature look.

Top Korean Male Idol Korean Hairstyles in 2024

When it comes to trendsetters, look no further than K-pop idols.

These stylish superstars are at the forefront of Korean Hairstyles fashion, inspiring millions with their sleek and cutting-edge looks. In 2024, we can expect their hairstyles to be as influential as ever.

Two Block with Bangs

Two Block with Bangs

Edgy yet chic, the “two block with bangs” is shaping up to be one of the biggest K-pop haircut inspirations for 2024.

This modern style features two distinct blocks of hair with bangs covering the forehead, creating a multi-dimensional look that exudes attitude.

It’s perfect for those with oval or oblong face shapes, as the bangs help elongate and balance facial features.

Plus, the versatility of this cut allows you to style those fringe bangs in various ways – swept to the side, ruffled up, or neatly combed.

To achieve this look, ask your stylist for a two-block cut with fringe bangs released from the top section. Use a small amount of pomade or wax to mold the bangs into place.

For inspiration, check out K-pop stars like Jungkook from BTS or Taeyong from NCT – they’ve both sported versions of this trendy style.



The undercut is a men’s hair classic that isn’t going away anytime soon – especially not in the Korean Hairstyles world.

This bold look features shaved or closely cropped sides and back with long hair on top. It screams “I’ve got style and I’m not afraid to show it!”

What makes the undercut Korean hairstyles so appealing is its versatility.

You can style the long top section neatly for a polished, office-friendly look or brush it up and messy for an edgier, urban vibe.

Add in some color (think bold shades of red or blue) to really make it pop.

When asking for this cut, specify you want the back and sides shaved down with clippers, leaving around 4-6 inches of length on top.

Use a pomade or wax to create texture and separation. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin is just one example of a K-pop star rocking an iconic undercut hairstyle.

Samurai Ponytail

Samurai Ponytail

For those daring enough to go against the short hair norm, the samurai ponytail promises to turn heads in 2024.

This look draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture, combining elements of sleek modernity with a nod to history.

The key is growing your hair out to shoulder-length and tying it back into a neat, low-hanging ponytail secured with a fabric band or leather cord. You can leave some face-framing pieces out for an effortlessly cool aesthetic.

To nail the essence of this hairstyle, invest in high-quality hair products that smooth and add shine – Korean brands like Daeng Gi Meo Ri are ideal.

The samurai ponytail looks best with stick-straight, thick hair but can be adapted to different textures.

Celebrities like G-Dragon have sported versions of this standout look, proving its versatility to span different styles from punk to sophisticated. It’s a bold choice, but for the right person, it commands attention.

Short Korean Hairstyles

On the opposite end of the spectrum, short hair for Korean men is having a major moment that shows no signs of slowing in 2024.

These clean, fresh, and easy-to-style cuts are all about elevating your look with minimal fuss.



Don’t let the name fool you – the crop is one of the most fashion-forward short Korean male haircuts out there.

This highly textured, piece-y look features choppy layers and an asymmetrical shape that’s both edgy and youthful.

“The crop works amazingly for those with straight, thick Asian hair,” notes celebrity stylist Yuji Nah. The layers create incredible movement and the disconnected lines really allow you to make a statement.”

To get this cut, ask your barber for short layers throughout with extra texture and separation on top.

Use a matte pomade or clay to achieve that perfectly undone, messy effect. Keep the sides and back slightly longer to offset the shaggy top.

Korean stars like Park Bo Gum and Nam Joo Hyuk are prime examples of guys who slay this trend. It’s an ideal option for the low-maintenance guy who still wants an on-point style.



Fades are a huge part of Korean men’s hair culture, and that won’t be changing anytime soon in 2024.

This fresh, clean cut features shorter hair that gradually “fades” from longer on top to ultra-short on the sides and back.

The appeal lies in its modern, sharp aesthetic that can still be dressed up or down.

Let your barber get creative with shaved lines, hard parts, or even designs buzzed into the fade for extra flair. Using the right fade can instantly elevate your entire look.

For the ultimate Korean fade aesthetic, request a low or skin fade on the sides with about 2-4 inches of length on top.

Korean stars like Nam Joo Hyuk and musical artist Jay Park frequently model iconic fade styles. Keep the top textured and volumized using a pomade or powder product.



You can never go wrong with a classic, no-frills Korean haircut for men. Clean, polished, and universally flattering, this look epitomizes understated cool. It’s the go-to style for a smart or professional setting.

The beauty of the classic Korean cut lies in its simplicity,” says stylist Sang Ki Hong. “It frames the face impeccably and automatically elevates your entire appearance.”

Ask your barber for an all-one-length trim that takes 1-3 inches off, depending on your desired length.

Make sure the front is blended seamlessly into the back and sides for that signature polished illusion. The best product choice is a lightweight cream or pomade to provide light hold and neatness.

Korean stars like Lee Jong Suk and EXO’s Sehun have modeled this clean-cut look to perfection. It’s elegant, professional, and absolutely timeless.

Male Medium Korean Hairstyle: Romance and Punk

When it comes to Korean mid-length hairstyles, expect major volume and lots of dramatic flair in 2024.

These cuts strike the perfect balance between edgy and romantic for truly iconic styling.



To achieve this style, ask your barber to shave or buzz down the sides leaving 3-5 inches of length on top that can be spiked, twisted, or swept dramatically to one side.

Korean stars like Taeyang and Zelo pull off this modernized mohawk masterfully.

Rather than using heavy gels, try a flexible molding paste or cream to create soft, piecey texture on top.

You can also experiment with color techniques like bright highlights peeking through for extra edge.



Speaking of edgy, the grungy, “just rolled out of bed” aesthetic is making major waves in Korean men’s hair for 2024. This ultra-messy, devil-may-care style is all about looking casually cool and carefree.

The key to nailing that iconic Korean grunge look is creating lots of texture and separation,” advises stylist Mina Park. “Don’t be afraid to get a little rough with your hair and really work in some grit.”

Ask your stylist for an ultra-choppy, layered cut with plenty of movement and movement.

Bouncy waves or natural curls work beautifully here. When styling, use a matte pomade or texture cream, scrunching and raking through with your fingers to create pieces.

Complement the casual, undone vibe with looser, face-framing tendrils in front. iKON’s Junhoe is a grunge hair icon who epitomizes this whole look to a tee.

Two Blocks with Flowing Fringes

Two Blocks with Flowing Fringes

For a more romantic Korean spin on mid-length hair, try the ultra-layered “two blocks with flowing fringes” cut.

As the name implies, this style contrasts precisely cut sections with long, face-framing pieces of fringe for maximum movement and dimension.

It’s universally flattering but particularly complements those with oval or heart-shaped faces. The flowing pieces expertly soften sharper jawlines while long layers create desirable volume and bounce.

When getting this cut, make sure your stylist establishes a strong baseline shape in the back while leaving out long panels of fringe around the face. To style, use a lightweight cream or serum to create subtle waves and separation.

For inspiration, look no further than Korean celebrities Park Bo Gum and Lee Jong Suk who frequently showcase variations of these romantic, flowing cuts.

Trendy Men’s Haircuts in Korea for Long Hair

Yes, you read that right – long, flowing locks are officially in for Korean men’s hair in 2024.

These ultra-lush styles range from soft and relaxed to downright edgy. Get ready to embrace your inner merman.

Soft Bob

Soft Bob

The bob has long been a favorite for Korean women, but in 2024 we’re seeing men embrace a softer, more masculine version of this cut.

Falling somewhere between the jaw and collarbone, the “Korean soft bob” hits that perfectly imperfect sweet spot.

“This cut is amazing for naturally thick, straight hair,” notes stylist Hyun Bin. “The blunt perimeter creates flattering angles and frames the face beautifully.”

To get this look, ask your stylist for a one-length perimeter trim with soft, internal layers throughout the top portion. This allows for optimal movement and body.

Use a volumizing foam or light cream to enhance soft waves and bouncy texture.

Korean celebrities like Park Hyung Sik and BTS’ Jin have been spotted with enviable soft bobs that strike the perfect balance of masculinity and prettiness.



Could this be the year the mullet goes fully mainstream? The modern “mallet” cut that’s trending in Korea would suggest so.

This edgy, gender-neutral style is essentially a semi-mullet featuring shorter hair on top that gradually lengthens into flowing locks in the back.

To pull this off, you’ll want around 2-4 inches of length on top that builds to 6+ inches in the back.

Have your stylist create soft layers throughout to prevent a harsh line of separation between the lengths. This hairstyle works beautifully with natural wave or curl.

When styling, use a salt spray or texturizing pomade to coax out beachy waves and enhance that cool-girl (or cool-guy!) vibe.

For ultimate K-pop inspiration, check out EXO’s Chanyeol – he’s proved the mallet’s potential to be an iconic look.

Classic Bob

Classic Bob

Last but not least, we have the elegantly simple “classic bob” that’s having a huge moment for Korean men.

This no-fuss, no-frill cut is all about framingthe face with a strong, blunt perimeter that hovers around the jaw or chin.

The great thing about a classic bob is its versatility,” explains stylist Hyeri Shin. “You can style it sleek and sophisticated or messy and undone. It works for essentially any hair texture.”

To get this cut, make sure to specify a strong, weighted perimeter line with soft, face-framing layers released from the perimeter.

Use a pomade or wax to create separation and polish or simply let it air dry with a leave-in conditioner for natural texture.

Look to Korean stars like Park Seo Joon and Lee Min Ho who have been spotted sporting iconic bobs from time to time – proof of its widespread appeal.

How to Keep Your Korean Hairstyle Up

Of course, the key to maintaining any great Korean haircut is locking down the proper hair routine.

Here are some tips straight from Korean stylists:

  • Wash Frequency: In general, try washing your hair every 2-3 days using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Overwashing can strip natural oils.
  • Korean Hair Products: Invest in quality Korean hair products designed for your hair type. Some top brands include: Șebum Hair Cosmetics, VALMĂ, and Aromatica.
  • Styling:
    • For sleek looks, use a lightweight gel, cream, or pomade. A little goes a long way.
    • For textured styles, try a matte paste, powder, or gritty wax product. Rub between palms to emulsify then rough up hair.
    • Use sea salt sprays or texture mists to enhance piecey-ness and movement.
  • Fringes & Bangs: Use plenty of pomade or molding paste to keep bangs, fringes, and pieces lying in place without looking greasy.
  • Color Care: Use a treatment mask or bonding product weekly to counteract damage and preserve vibrancy.

With the right cut, styling routine, and confidence, you’ll be turning heads in 2024 rocking the latest Korean hairstyles for men! So which trendy look will you be trying first?

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