30 Fringe Hairstyles for Men to Try Right Now

In the world of men’s hairstyles and haircuts, fringe styles are having a major moment.

From classic short bangs to modern long fringes, these looks allow guys to inject some serious personality and style into their ‘do.

If you’re ready to switch up your hair game, these 30 trendy fringe haircuts for men are definitely worth exploring in 2023.

Choosing the Right Bangs for Men’s Hair: Options for Different Hair Lengths

Choosing the Right Bangs for Men's Hair: Options for Different Hair Lengths

When selecting a fringe hairstyle, the first step is considering your hair length.

The perfect bangs can totally transform a cut, but they need to complement the overall style.

Here’s a quick overview of fringe possibilities for different lengths:

Short Hair Fringe Options:

  • Classic short bangs
  • Textured piecey fringe
  • Side-swept wisps
  • Spiky, messy bangs

Medium Length Fringe Styles:

  • Straight across bangs
  • Side-swept fringe
  • Tapered, face-framing wisps
  • Tousled, piecey bangs

Long Hairstyle Fringe Ideas:

  • Blunt, straight-across bangs
  • Wispy, layered fringe
  • Side-swept bangs
  • Curly, tousled fringe

“The right fringe can totally elevate a haircut and allow you to put your own stamp on the style,” says Nick Arrojo, celebrity hairstylist.

From Classic to Modern: Short Hair and Bangs for Men

For guys with short hair, fringe styles offer a simple way to add some visual interest. Bangs instantly up the style ante while still keeping things low-maintenance and masculine.

Classic short fringe cuts include:

  • High and Tight: A military-inspired cut with short bangs brushed upwards or across the forehead. Works best for straight hair.
  • Crew Cut: With its short, cropped lengths all over, this cut can incorporate slightly longer bangs swept to one side or straight across.
  • Textured Fringe: A choppy, piecey fringe pairs perfectly with short, spiky back-and-sides for an edgier look. Use a matte pomade to enhance the separation.
  • Messy Fade: Perhaps the most low-key of the short fringe styles, this cut has slightly longer bangs casually swept across the forehead. The fade on the sides adds a fresh, modern touch.

No matter which short ‘do you choose, keeping the bang length between 1-3 inches allows for easy styling. Just a dab of styling cream or pomade can get your fringe perfectly in place.

Get Trendy with Medium Hair and Bangs: The Fashionable Combo!

For those rocking medium-length locks, fringe hairstyles male provide the ultimate stylish and versatile option.

With length around 2-5 inches on top, you can sweep bangs to the side, style them straight across, or create a messy, tousled look.

Some of-the-moment medium hairstyles with bangs include:

Cut FeaturesStyling Tips
Longer top length with short/faded sidesPart bangs deeply to one side
Face-framing fringe piecesUse a pomade or wax to sweep fringe over
Versatile look for straight or wavy hairCan go polished or piecey

Marine Haircut

  • Inspired by classic military cuts
  • Softer, longer bangs versus harsh short fringe
  • Typically combined with a taper fade on sides
  • Fresh and youthful with relaxed fringe styling

Ivy League

  • A collegiate classic
  • Brushed bangs slightly longer than usual
  • Sides trimmed short in contrast
  • For a modern spin, add a disconnected undercut

No matter which fringe style for men you choose, the medium length gives you tons of flexibility to create a look that’s uniquely you. Fringe can be worn polished and straight or mussed up for an undone, carefree vibe.

“A swoop of bangs in the front can totally transform a basic men’s cut and give it a high-fashion edge.” – Kristina Roditis, Maxine Salon

Long Hair and Bangs: The Perfect Combination for Men’s Trendy Styles

For fellas who prefer long, flowing locks, fringe styles allow you to put a signature spin on the style while keeping it looking fresh and modern.

Long fringes are a way to lighten up the overall look and frame the face.

Some long hairstyles with bangs for men include:

  • Grunge/Skater Cut: This longer cut typically features shaggy, wispy bangs hanging around the eyes and cheeks for a laid-back, 90s inspired look. Style with a texturizing pomade.
  • Layered Cut with Fringe: Face-framing layers provide movement and shape to long hairstyles. Adding a longer fringe piece accentuates the eyes and cheekbones.
  • Tapered Undercut: By keeping the hair longer just at the top and front, you can create a voluminous fringe while trimming the sides for a clean shape. This particular look is very on-trend.
  • Man Bun/Ponytail with Bangs: Keep strands out of your face by pulling long hair up into a stylish knot or ponytail, leaving sweeping bangs framing your features.

The key with longer hairstyles is letting bangs fall softly around the face for maximum movement and shape.

Avoid stiff, shellacked styles which can look dated. A little skillful layering and texturizing goes a long way.

Men’s Downward Hairstyles: From Classic to Modern

Men's Downward Hairstyles: From Classic to Modern

One of the most dapper ways to incorporate bangs into a men’s haircut is by styling them downwards towards the face.

These smooth, suave styles are impeccably polished yet modern and fashion-forward.

As with all fringe styles, choosing the right downward ‘do comes down to your face shape.

Here are some of-the-moment favorites:

Skin Fade

The skin fade pushes the envelope on your typical short cut by fading hair down to the skin super tight on the sides and back.

This bold look makes the perfect backdrop for styling longer bangs forward across the forehead. It’s an ultra-sleek finish that still allows you to switch up your style.

Styling is key for a flawless skin fade. Work a flexible pomade through damp hair, then gently blow dry bangs forward while brushing smooth. Add a bit of hairspray or grooming cream to lock in shine.

This cut looks great for guys who like to keep things fairly tight on top, as bangs should be no longer than 3-5 inches.

Tapered Haircut

A classic tapered cut features hair gradually getting shorter from the top to the sides.

With this cut, you can style bangs in a number of ways – slicked straight down with a deep side part, swept gently across the forehead, or even pushed up off the face.

This cut offers excellent versatility, whether you want a more vintage look or put a modern spin on it with a fade or timely styling.

It lends itself beautifully to most hair types and textures, from straight and sleek to thick and wavy.

To style downward bangs with a taper, use a shine pomade or gel to get hair slicked down, then hit it with low heat from a blow dryer. This sets the smooth shape in place.

Messy Hair

Downward bangs pair exceptionally well with an intentionally mussed, undone look. Styling is focused on achieving that perfectly imperfect tousle and separation.

For smooth locks, use a salt spray or dry shampoo at the roots to create airy texture before brushing forward.

Or, lean into your natural texture by twisting sections of hair while scrunching in a texturizing cream or wax.

Rake bangs forward and allow pieces to fall haphazardly over the forehead for an effortlessly cool look. This is a great way to transition between short and longer styles.

Get Ready to Turn Heads with These Male Fringe Up Haircuts:

If you thought bangs could only go down or to the side, think again. Modern fringe hairstyles for guys are also embracing styles brushed straight up and off the face.

These upward looks instantly add height, movement, and volume on top. Talk about an eye-catching style.

High and Tight

You may think of the high and tight as a super cropped, simple military cut. But add some upswept bangs and suddenly this classic gets a totally fresh makeover.

To get the look, have your stylist scissor cut about 2-3 inches of length on top while fading the back and sides tight.

When styling, use a volumizing mousse and blow dry bangs upwards to create that signature swirl of height. A pea-sized amount of pomade can then be worked through to set the style.

Pair these upswept bangs with the ultra close-trimmed sides and you get an intriguing mix of bold and soft. It’s a great balance for guys who want a statement style that’s still masculine.


Much like the high and tight, the dapper marine cut gets an of-the-moment upgrade when you incorporate some upwardly styled bangs.

This cut is longer and fuller on top than a military buzz, often blending seamlessly into subtly longer bangs.

To style the marine fringe up, you’ll want to work in a styling cream or mousse from the roots up and blow dry bangs as you lift and “overdirect” them upward and back off the face. This builds volume and shape while softening the overall look.

If you have a round face shape, upswept bangs like this can help elongate and chisel your features for a flawless finish.

Classic Fringe Up Hairstyle

Perhaps one of the most iconic fringe looks for men is the simply styled swirl of upwardly brushed bangs.

Think James Dean, John Travolta, and Danny Zuko. This ultra timeless and versatile hairstyle has been reborn thanks to today’s modern men’s cuts.

To recreate it, start with around 2-3 inches of length through the front and top. Use a flexible styling cream or pomade, then gently blow dry bangs upwards while lightly brushing into place.

The key is getting movement without going overly sculpted or stiff. Some shorter fringe strands falling over the forehead is no problem – it’s all part of that classic effortless cool.

Rock the Trend with These Stylish Backwards Bangs Men’s Haircuts

If you prefer a sleeker, vintage-inspired aesthetic, slicking your fringe straight back is an A+ look.

Pushed back bangs add instant polish and dimension to any cut while giving you that sought-after leading man vibe. Here are some on-trend options to try:

Ivy League

The ivy league cut is a men’s hairstyling staple that never goes out of fashion. Think of it as a longer, softer version of a crew cut.

Hair on top gets brushed upwards and backwards into a neat swirl while leaving around 2 inches of bangs covering the forehead.

This style looks spectacular with slick brushed back bangs. For a modern update, have your stylist pair the classic Ivy with tight faded sides.

Then when styling, use a generous pomade to sleekly sweep those bangs straight backwards.


Who can forget the legendary pompadour sported by The King back in his heyday? While a bit exaggerated for today’s tastes, you can definitely take inspiration from Elvis’s signature slicked-back bangs.

Instead of sculpting a mile-high pompadour, go for shorter 2-3 inch bangs smoothly swept straight backwards with a brush and strong holding product like pomade or gel.

This creates a softer, flatter shape on top. Finish with a faded undercut on the sides for a contemporary silhouette.

It’s a perfect way to get polished retro appeal while keeping your fringe look modern and manageable.


The undercut has been a major player in men’s hair trends for several years now thanks to its sharp, fashion-forward aesthetic.

But it can look a bit severe with short or no bangs. Adding some length at the front provides balance and edge.

The undercut keeps hair disconnected between the top and tight faded sides. Use this styling separation to slick bangs straight back off the forehead.

Opt for 2-4 inches of length brushed smoothly with pomade or gel. Short strands should be tucked behind ears to accentuate that clean side detailing.

For extra volume, gently backcomb the top while drying for a lifted pompadour shape. Those pushed back bangs give the undercut some much-needed softness around the face.

Here are some ways to rock this look:

Straight Bangs Over Eyes

For the ultimate laidback yet edgy vibe, you can’t beat the classic straight bangs hanging over the eyes.

This look walks the line between messy and chic when executed properly. Ask your stylist for bangs cut bluntly from the middle of the forehead to around eye level or slightly below.

Styling is fairly straightforward – just use a lightweight pomade or cream to define the fringe without going too piecey.

Distribute evenly and allow bangs to fall casually over the eyes and let your natural hair texture shine. For fuller movement, you may need to incorporate some long layers at the top as well.

This style looks particularly striking with shorter faded sides or an undercut to balance out the fringe.

Retro Chivalrous Hairstyle

Do these charming short fringe haircut men look vaguely familiar? That’s probably because it takes cues from the iconic “Caesar” cut of the 90s.

Often dubbed the “male Rosemary’s baby” look, this modern version has a polished, gentlemanly appeal.

To achieve it, hair is kept relatively short through the back and sides while leaving length on top concentrated forward.

Your stylist should cut horizontal bangs to your desired span – typically above the eyebrows but not too short to stand up.

When styling, try working in a lightweight cream or serum and lightly blow drying bangs down across the forehead for a smooth veil.

Alternatively, you can allow your hair’s natural wave or texture to enhance the flow. Keep things natural to avoid a forced look.

Pair these elegant bangs with a fade, texturized top, or long layers through the back for optimal shape and movement.

Messed Hairstyle with Straight Bangs

This “I woke up like this” bedhead fringe cut is the epitome of low-key cool for guys.

While the style may appear effortless, there’s actually quite a bit of intent behind getting those subtly mussed bangs that sweep lightly across the forehead.

To achieve the look, start by having your stylist combine two different cuts – a longer shorterpiece in the front with bangs cut straight across, and shorter trimmed sides. Then, layer and texturize the top so it seamlessly blends into the fringe.

When styling, apply just a small dab of matte pomade or dry wax through the front.

Use your fingers to lightly lift and rumple the fringe while leaving the shape slightly disheveled.

Add more texture boosting powder or sea salt spray if needed to make it look piecey without being overly defined.

This creates a laidback, IDGAF appearance that’s basically the men’s version of effortless French girl fringe hair.

Other Trends

In addition to these traditional fringe cuts, there are some exciting new bangs trends emerging that allow you to take your look to the next level.

Here are a few unique fringe variations worth exploring:

  • Two Side Bangs: Instead of a full curtain of fringe, these shorter wispy bangs frame just the temples on both sides of the face. It’s an interesting look that channels the shag.
  • Asymmetric Fringe: Create an ultra modern style by cutting your bangs at an angle, longer on one side and shorter on the other. It adds an intriguing focal point to any haircut.
  • Curly Bangs: Natural curl is a definite “do” for fringe styles these days. Whether short tight ringlets or longer looser waves, curly bangs look fresh and effortlessly cool.
  • Baby Bangs: Taking a cue from K-pop stars, super short micro bangs just graze the eyebrows for a bold, youthful look.
  • Brow Grazer Fringe: A longer variation on baby bangs, these fringe pieces skim just along the brow line for an elegant, face-framing effect.
  • Parted Bangs: Instead of a solid fringe, try parting your bangs down the middle or deeply to one side for a unique statement.

The great thing about men’s fringe hairstyles is that they allow you to get creative and put your personal spin on any cut. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bang lengths, textures, and styling techniques.

“The right fringe can totally change up a basic haircut and make it look fresh and modern,” says celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. “It’s an easy way for guys to soften a look or add plece-y separation.”

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