Discover 5 Key Airports Close To Asheville North Carolina

Asheville is a lively city in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. People love it for its cultural vibes, old buildings and fun things. Asheville is famous for its mix of different cultures and its friendly community, making it a cool place to visit with lots of nature and creativity.

Find the ease of traveling as you explore the connected world of Asheville, North Carolina. Dive into the excitement of Discover 5 Key Airports Close To Asheville North Carolina. If you are planning your next trip or looking for smooth arrivals these airports open the door to asheville beautiful landscapes. Experience the lively atmosphere of Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the local charm of Asheville Regional Airport. 

Now explore airports close to Asheville, North Carolina providing convenient travel options. Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) serves as the primary gateway, while Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), Tri-Cities Airport (TRI), and McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) offer additional available choices.

Airports Close to Asheville North Carolina

Asheville, based in the mountains of North Carolina is served by the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) providing convenient access to this vibrant city. Located just 15 miles south of downtown Asheville AVL offers a range of domestic flights making it a key transportation point for both business and leisure travelers. 

Additionally for those seeking alternative options Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is another major airport accessible from Asheville, situated approximately 130 miles to the east. While others are Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), Tri-Cities Airport (TRI) and McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS).

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)15 miles19 minutes
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)66.5 miles1 hour 13 minutes
Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)76.9 miles 1 hour 22 minutes
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)123 miles1 hour 58 minutes
McGhee Tyson Airport128 miles2 hours 7 minutes

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)
Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) is like a doorway to the beautiful mountains and lovely culture of western North Carolina. It sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains and gives people a special airport experience with modern stuff and a bit of southern charm. 

This airport really cares about making things easy and quick for travelers. The airport has good services and things like a nice terminal that is easy to find your way around. There are yummy food choices, shopping spots and easy parking too. AVL focus on making customers happy along with its smart location makes it a crucial hub connecting people to the amazing landscapes.

AVL Runway and Terminal Information

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) features a single runway, Runway 17/35, measuring 8,001 feet (2,439 meters) in length. This well-maintained runway is equipped to accommodate a range of aircraft sizes. The orientation of the runway, aligned at 170 and 350 degrees, ensures optimal takeoff and landing conditions in various weather conditions.

The terminal at Asheville Regional Airport display a modern and efficient design to increase passenger experience. With a total floor area of approximately 150,000 square feet, the terminal offers a range of services. Passengers can access multiple airline gates, baggage claim areas, ticketing counters and various dining and retail options within the terminal.

Airlines and Destinations

Allegiant AirAustin (AUS), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Houston (HOU), Key West (EYW), Las Vegas (LAS), Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP), Newark (EWR), Orlando/Sanford (SFB), West Palm Beach (PBI), Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda (PGD), Sarasota (SRQ), and Clearwater-St. Pete (PIE)Seasonal Flights to Baltimore (BWI), Boston (BOS), Chicago (MDW), Denver (DEN), and Destin (VPS)
American AirlinesCharlotte (CLT) and Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW)Seasonal Flights to Boston (BOS), Chicago-O’Hare (ORD), Miami (MIA), Philadelphia (PHL), and Washington DC (DCA)
Delta Air LinesAtlanta (ATL)Seasonal Flights to LaGuardia (LGA) and Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP)
JetBlue AirwaysSeasonal Flights to Boston (BOS)
Sun Country AirlinesMinneapolis/ St. Paul (MSP)
United AirlinesChicago-O’Hare (ORD)Seasonal Flights to Newark (EWR)

AVL Technical Information

AREA900 acres (360 ha)
ELEVATION2,164 ft (660 m) AMSL
RUNWAY17/35 (8,001 ft long) – Asphalt Surface

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) is like a big center for airplanes in South Carolina. It makes it easy for people who live here and those visiting to travel. GSP is in between Greenville and Spartanburg and has modern facilities and a strong structure to make sure traveling is smooth and easy.

The airport has lots of things like places to eat, stores and services for business, so it meets the different needs of people using it. GSP is in a good spot that helps connect the region making it better for the economy and tourism in Upstate South Carolina. 

The airport with famous airlines like Delta Airlines, focuses on keeping everyone safe and happy. It keeps getting better by adding new things and more space for the increasing number of people who want to fly. Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport is an important place for those traveling for work or fun. It shows the friendly Southern way and connects people locally and around the world.

GSP Runway and Terminal Information

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) boasts a primary runway designated as Runway 4/22, with a length of 11,001 feet (3,353 meters). The precision and length of Runway 4/22 contribute to the airport ability to handle various aircraft types and ensure safe and perfect operations.

The terminal at GSP offers a modern and passenger-friendly environment with a total of 15 gates. This well-designed facility facilitates smooth arrivals and departures, serve to over 2 million passengers annually. With facilities such as retail shops, dining options, and comfortable waiting areas, the GSP terminal enhances the overall travel experience for both domestic and international passengers. 

Airlines and Destinations

Allegiant AirFort Lauderdale, Orlando/Sanford, Tampa/St. Petersburg
American AirlinesCharlotte, Chicago-O Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC (DCA)
Contour AirlinesNashville
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, Detroit, and New York (LGA)
Silver AirwaysJacksonville, Orlando (MCO), and Tampa (TPA)
Southwest AirlinesAtlanta, Baltimore, and Houston (HOU)
United AirlinesChicago-OHare, Denver, Houston (IAH), Newark, and Washington DC (IAD)

GSP Technical Information

AREA3,500 acres (1,400 ha)
ELEVATION964 ft (294 m) AMSL
RUNWAY4/22 (11,001 by 150 ft) – Asphalt/Concrete

Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)

Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)
Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI)

Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI) is an important travel spot in the northeast part of Tennessee, linking Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. It is close to Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City making it easy for people in the region to reach major places in the country. TRI has modern facilities like a bigger terminal, many runways, and high-tech navigation systems to make travel smooth.

TRI is a busy airport serving both regular travelers and private flights. Airlines like Allegiant Air, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines operate flights regularly, connecting people to popular spots in the United States. Discover 5 Key Airports Close To Asheville North Carolina including TRI. The airport’s great location and dedication to quality make it a crucial part of the Tri-Cities area, helping with tourism, business and the overall growth of the region.

TRI Runway and Terminal Information

Tri-Cities Airport (TRI) has one runway and it’s called Runway 5/23. This runway is made of asphalt and is 8,000 feet long, so it gives enough space for different airplanes to land and take off. The runway is set in two directions, at 50 and 230 degrees, which helps planes deal with different wind conditions.

Also the runway, TRI has a cool terminal for travelers. The terminal is big, covering 110,000 square feet, and it’s all modern and nice for passengers. Inside, there are three gates and lots of things to make the trip comfortable, like places to eat and shops to check out. So, if you are flying from, to, or through Tri-Cities Airport, you can expect a good and easy time at the terminal.

Airlines And Destinations

TRI Airlines connects travelers to a world of possibilities with a diverse range of destinations. From bustling metropolises to serene getaways, TRI Airlines takes you there with comfort and style. Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation or business opportunities our extensive network of flights ensures that you can reach your desired location easily.

Allegiant AirOrlando/Sanford, St. Pete-Clearwater
American AirlinesCharlotte-Douglas (CLT), Dallas/Fort Worth
Delta Air LinesAtlanta (ATL)

TRI Technical Information

AREA1,250 acres (506 ha)
ELEVATION1,519 ft (463 m)
RUNWAY5/23 (8,000 by 150 ft) – Asphalt9/27 (4,442 by 150 ft) – Asphalt

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is like a busy doorway to the southeastern part of the United States. It is in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been around since 1935. Over the years it has become a big hub helping millions of people travel every year. The airport is modern and has lots of space.

Getting around CLT is simple because it has good terminals and transportation. The airport also cares about the environment. They have a special terminal that is certified for being eco-friendly and they work on reducing their impact on nature. 

CLT Runway and Terminal Information

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has three runways that go side by side, called 18C/36C, 18R/36L, and 18L/36R. The longest one is 18C/36C, and it is 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) long, which is big enough for many different types of airplanes. 

The airport has five terminals, named A, B, C, D, and E. The first four are for flights within the country while E is for international flights. All these terminals have been updated to give travelers a good experience with lots of helpful things.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport also has a really tall air traffic control tower that’s 370 feet (113 meters) high. This tower helps manage the planes in the airport’s space, making sure everything goes well and is safe. The airport keeps making its runways and terminals better, showing that it cares about making things good for people who travel. 

CLT Airlines and Destinations

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is a big place where many important airlines like American Airlines operate. You can fly to more than 170 different places without stopping from CLT going to lots of cities in the U.S and around the world.

If you want to go to famous cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, you can do that easily. Also, you can fly to other countries in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. CLT has many different airlines and places you can go to, making it a great choice for people traveling for work or fun.

Air CanadaToronto-Pearson
American AirlinesAlmost all major domestic routes
Contour AirlinesMuscle Shoals, Beckley
Delta Air LinesSalt Lake City, Detroit, Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Frontier AirlinesTrenton, Las Vegas, Orlando, Denver, Philadelphia
JetBlue AirwaysBoston
Southwest AirlinesSt. Louis, Dallas-Love, Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Denver, Houston-Hobby, Nashville
Spirit AirlinesOrlando, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas
United AirlinesSeasonal flights to Washington-Dulles, Denver, NewYark, Houston-Intercontinental, Chicago-O Hare

CLT Technical Information

ELEVATION748 ft (228 m) AMSL
AREA5,558 acres (2,249 ha)
RUNWAY18L/36R (8,677 ft long) – Asphalt/Concrete18C/36C (10,000 ft long) – Concrete18R/36L (9,000 ft long) – Concrete

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)
McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS)

McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is like a big travel center in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is right near the Great Smoky Mountains and helps people go to different places in the U.S. and a few other countries. The airport has all the cool stuff that makes traveling easy like modern buildings and things that make the trip easy. 

Lots of airlines use this airport connecting the area to many big cities in the United States. People flying from or to TYS can find lots of things to do like eating at different places, shopping and easy ways to get around.

The airport is in a good spot for tourists who want to see the pretty sights in East Tennessee and nearby areas. Whether you are just starting your journey or heading home, McGhee Tyson Airport is a reliable and well-prepared place for travelers to make sure their trips go smoothly.

TYS Runway and Terminal Information

TYS or McGhee Tyson Airport, has a big runway that helps planes take off and land. The runway is called Runway 5/23, and it’s 9,000 feet long. This long runway is important because it lets different types of airplanes come and go smoothly at the airport.

Not just the runway, but the airport also has a cool terminal. The terminal has 12 gates where planes can park, and it works well with many airlines and places. People who fly from this airport can enjoy their trip because the terminal has nice things like lounges, shops, and places to eat. All of this makes TYS a very important place for flying in the area.

TYS Airlines and Destinations

TYS Airlines is all about making travel easy and fun. They have lots of different places you can go for vacation or work. TYS Airlines has modern planes and great service to take you to exciting cities, beautiful beaches and important business spots all around the world. Whether you want to explore busy New York or relax on the peaceful beaches of Bali, TYS Airlines makes sure you get there comfortably and quickly.

Allegiant AirFort Lauderdale, Houston-Hobby, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando/Sanford, Phoenix, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, St. Petersburg Tampa Bay, and West Palm BeachSeasonal Flights to Austin, Baltimore/Washington DC, Boston, Chicago-Midway, Denver, Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Newark 
American AirlinesCharlotte, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul and New York-La Guardia
Frontier AirlinesDenver, Orlando-International 
United AirlinesChicago-O’Hare, Denver, Houston-George Bush, Washington-Dulles

TYS Technical Information

AREA2,250 acres (911 ha)
ELEVATION979 ft (298 m)


What major airport is closest to Asheville NC?

The nearest airport to Asheville is Asheville (AVL) Airport which is 11.6 miles away. Other nearby airports include Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) (52.9 miles), Knoxville (TYS) (82.3 miles) and Charlotte (CLT) (94.9 miles).

Is Charlotte NC near Asheville NC?

Asheville is 130 miles (209 kilometers) from Charlotte, and the distance can easily be covered in a half a day or less.

What major airlines fly into Asheville North Carolina?

Major Airlines including Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Sun Country Airlines and United Airlines fly into Asheville North Carolina.

Which city is close to Asheville NC?

Hendersonville, NC. Waynesville, NC. Greeneville, TN.

What airport do you fly into to get to Asheville NC?

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) is the main airport for Asheville, North Carolina. It’s the best airport to use when you’re visiting Asheville because it’s only 15 miles south of downtown. 


Finding five key airports close to Asheville, North Carolina unveils a network of transportation options that cater to diverse travel needs. If you are a resident planning a getaway or a visitor exploring the region, understanding these airports provides valuable insights into accessibility and convenience.

The main query, Discover 5 key airports close to Asheville North Carolina, produced a detailed exploration of the region aviation hubs. Asheville Regional Airport, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, McGhee Tyson Airport, and Tri-Cities Airport emerge as pivotal points each offering unique advantages. 

From domestic flights to international connections, this comprehensive overview ensures that individuals can make informed decisions, enhancing their overall travel experience. Ultimately, this knowledge equips travelers with the tools to navigate the skies perfectly connecting Asheville to the broader world with ease.

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