How To Get Car Rental Discounts With AAA

AAA which stands for the American Automobile Association is a big group of car clubs that help people with things like fixing their cars on the road, planning trips and giving discounts.

Unlock exclusive savings on your next car rental adventure with AAA. Discover the insider secrets on How To Get Car Rental Discounts With AAA and enjoy a smooth journey without breaking the bank. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a road trip membership opens the door to huge discounts. Concentrate this guide to learn and maximize your savings on reliable rental vehicles. Take advantage of the best deals waiting for you to stimulate your savings today.

Joining the American Automobile Association provides numerous benifits including exclusive car rental discounts. As a member you gain access to special rates and promotions offered by various rental car companies helping you save money on your travel expenses.

What is AAA Rental Car Discount?

What is AAA Rental Car Discount?
What is AAA Rental Car Discount?

The Rental Car Discount is a cool perk for AAA members especially those in Asheville, North Carolina. It helps them save money and get extra advantages when they rent cars from certain rental companies.

This discount program is made to make travel cheaper for members. They get benefits like lower rental prices, free upgrades, and special deals tailored to enhance their experience, whether they’re exploring the scenic beauty of Asheville or embarking on a road trip from North Carolina.

If you are member you can use this discount by booking your rental on the AAA website or calling for reservation. The discount works for different types of cars like sedans and SUVs and sometimes even special cars. It is not just about saving money young members aged 20-24 can also avoid extra fees.

In simple terms the Rental Car Discount is a great thing for members. It shows that it is committed to helping its members by providing useful services and saving them money.

How to get Car Rental Discounts with AAA Membership?

One of the primary ways members can access car rental discounts is by booking through the AAA website or contacting the AAA travel department. The organization has partnerships with various well-known rental agencies, allowing members to secure special rates that are not available to the general public.

Members often benefit from complimentary upgrades and other promotional offers enhancing the overall value of their rental experience.

To illustrate the potential savings consider the table below showcasing sample discounts available to members with popular car rental companies. Please note that these figures are indicative and may vary based on location, time of booking and specific terms and conditions.

Car Rental CompanyStandard RateAAA Member RateSavings
Avis$50 per day$40 per day$10/day
Enterprise$45 per day$35 per day$10/day
Hertz$55 per day$45 per day$10/day

Remember to always check the AAA website for the most up-to-date information on available discounts and participating rental companies. By influencing your membership you not only ensure a smoother travel experience but also pocket considerable savings on your next car rental.

How to Obtain an AAA Membership?

How to Obtain an AAA Membership?
How to Obtain an AAA Membership?

Getting a membership with American Automobile Association is easy and gives lots of good things for drivers. First go to the official AAA website or visit a local AAA office. The website is easy to use and you can pick the membership plan that fits what you need like help if your car breaks down discounts for travel or extra stuff like protection against identity theft.

AAA Membership PlansCost
Classic$54.00 per year
Plus$87.00 per year
Premier$115.00 per year

Once you choose a plan just fill in your info and payment details. AAA has different kinds of memberships, like Classic, Plus and Premier each with its own good things. After you finish the online form you will get a confirmation and any papers you need.

If you prefer you can go to a office near you to sign up in person. Having AAA means you can drive with less worry getting help and special benefits to make your driving experience even better.

How to Use Your AAA Club Discount Code

Using your AAA Club discount is easy and helps you save money on different things. First make sure you have your membership card or number ready because you will need it to get the special discounts. 

When you are booking a hotel, renting a car or shopping online look for a special spot where you can type in your discount code during checkout. This code is a mix of letters and numbers linked to your membership.

Once you enter the code you should see the price go down showing that your discount is working. Remember some discounts might only work for certain things or in specific places so check the rules connected to your AAA discount. Using your Club discount is an easy way to save money and get extra benefits as a member when you are spending on different services and products.

Do AAA Car Rental Discounts Deliver the Lowest Price?

When you use AAA car rental discounts you might not always get the lowest price for sure. It works with different car rental companies to give its members special discounts, but the amount you save depends on a few things. The discounts can change based on how long you are renting what kind of car you want where you are renting and if there are enough cars available.

If you are part of AAA it is a good idea to check out prices from different places when you want to rent a car. Sure it has some discounts but sometimes the rental companies themselves have awesome deals that are just as good or maybe even better. So even though AAA discounts can save you money it is really smart to look at all the choices you have. Learning How to get car rental discounts with AAA is cool but making sure you check everything out will help you find the best deal for you.



When an member choose to rent a car from Hertz they unlock a plenty of benefits and exclusive perks. It is renowned automobile association has partnered with Hertz to provide its members with a best and rewarding car rental experience. One of the primary advantages is the availability of special discounts for AAA members allowing them to enjoy cost-effective solutions for their travel needs.

Some key features of renting a car from Hertz as an member include:

  • Discounted Rates: Members often receive discounted rental rates, enabling them to save money on their car rentals.
  • Free Additional Driver: Hertz frequently offers AAA members the benefit of adding an extra driver at no additional cost, facilitating shared driving responsibilities during the rental period.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: AAA-renowned roadside assistance services extend to Hertz rentals ensuring members have access to help in case of emergencies or unexpected issues during their journey.
Discounted RatesExclusive rental discounts for members, making Hertz a cost-effective choice.
Free Additional DriverThe option to add an extra driver without incurring additional fees, promoting flexibility
24/7 Roadside AssistanceAccess to AAA’s reliable roadside assistance services, offering peace of mind on the road.

By utilizing the AAA-Hertz partnership, members can enhance their travel experiences with affordable rates and the assurance of assistance when needed.

Dollar Car Rental

Dollar Car Rental
Dollar Car Rental

When an member decides to rent a car from Dollar Car Rental they can unlock a range of exclusive benefits and savings. Dollar Car Rental recognizes the value of AAA memberships to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for its AAA customers. Here are some key advantages that AAA members can enjoy when renting a car from Dollar.

  • Discounted Rates: Members are eligible for special discounted rates on rental cars from Dollar. This ensures that AAA members not only receive quality service but also enjoy cost savings, making their travel experiences more affordable.
  • Free Additional Driver: Dollar Car Rental extends the benefit of adding an additional driver at no extra cost for AAA members. This feature is particularly valuable for those planning long road trips or vacations allowing them to share the driving responsibilities with a companion without getting additional fees.
Discounted RatesExclusive savings on rental car reservations
Free Additional DriverNo extra charge for adding a second driver
Express Counter ServiceFacilitated service for a quicker rental process

By utilizing the AAA partnership Dollar Car Rental aims to enhance the overall rental experience for members, combining convenience, affordability and additional perks that make their journey more enjoyable.

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental

When an AAA member choose to rent a car from Thrifty Car Rental they unlock a range of benefits and discounts that enhance their travel experience. 

As a trusted automobile association AAA offers its members exclusive perks and Thrifty Car Rental is a preferred partner in providing reliable and affordable transportation solutions. Members enjoy significant savings on rental rates, ensuring they get the most value out of their membership.

Benefits for Members Renting from Thrifty Car Rental:

  • Discounted Rates: Members receive special discounts on Thrifty Car Rental’s already competitive rates, making it a cost-effective choice for their travel needs.
  • Free Additional Driver: Members can add an extra driver at no additional cost, promoting convenience and flexibility during their journey.
  • Free Child Seat: Families traveling with young children benefit from a complimentary child seat, ensuring the safety and comfort of their little ones.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Thrifty Car Rental and AAA collaborate to provide 24/7 roadside assistance, offering members peace of mind throughout their rental period.
Discounted RatesExclusive savings on standard rental rates
Free Additional DriverAdd an extra driver at no additional charge
Free Child SeatComplimentary child seat for enhanced safety
24/7 Roadside AssistanceRenowned assistance available at all times

In summary, the partnership between AAA and Thrifty Car Rental creates a seamless and affordable car rental experience for AAA members support the value of their membership while ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.


How do I get a huge discount on a rental car?

If you want a cheaper rental car, join clubs like the American Automobiles Association. Being a member can save you up to 20% on the basic rental cost.

How do I get the best Hertz rate?

Reservations made at least 72 hours in advance of your rental by going direct to a Hertz website and booking the lowest available rate for that vehicle group.

What is the CDP Code for AAA?

CDP stands for Counter Discount Program. It gives people a discount when they rent a car from certain rental companies. If you are a member you can find special codes on the rental company website.

Does AAA have a discount code for Avis?

It does not work with Avis for discounts so you cannot get a deal there. It only gives discounts for renting cars from Hertz, Dollar Car Rental or Thrifty Car Rental.


Learn how to save money on renting cars with AAA. This helpful guide shares easy steps and benefits for people who want affordable travel options. The article explains how having AAA membership can get you discounts on car rentals. It gives a simple and clear overview helping readers understand how to save money and enjoy the convenience of services.

In summary getting car rental discounts with AAA is easy and available to everyone. Members enjoy many benefits that make a big difference in their travel costs. The main question How To Get Car Rental Discounts With AAA is fully answered highlighting the easy and effective steps. With membership not only do you have peace of mind on the road but it is also a useful tool for travelers on a budget making their travel experience even better.

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