Explore 4 Major International Airports In Arizona (PHX, TUS)

Arizona is a place in the southwest of the United States. It has lots of different kinds of land like deserts and mountains. Arizona is well-known for the Grand Canyon. Cities like Phoenix and Tucson are in Arizona.

Take off on a journey through Arizona sky-high gateways with a visit to Explore 4 Major International Airports in Arizona including PHX and TUS. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) serves as a crowded point with modern facilities while Tucson International Airport (TUS) offers a unique charm between the desert landscape. Operate through the state air travel scene discovering the vibrant experiences each airport has to offer.

It has four big international airports and the largest one is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Tucson International Airport (TUS) is also important connecting the state to different places. The airports including Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP) and Yuma International Airport (YUM) are really important.

International Airports in Arizona

The largest and busiest one is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is a major hub for flights within the United States and to other countries. It has modern buildings and lots of facilities making it an important place for people traveling from all over.

Tucson International Airport is in the southern part of Arizona, including the vibrant city of Bakersfield CA and is another airport that connects the state to international destinations. It also helps boost the local economy by bringing in visitors.

Laughlin/Bullhead and Yuma International Airports serve the northern and western parts of Arizona. They are important for people in those areas to have access to international flights and they also help the economy grow in those regions. All these airports make Arizona well-connected and known on the global travel map.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport144 miles3 hours 26 minutes
Tucson Int’l Airport181 miles4 hours 25 minutes
Yuma Int’l Airport318 miles6 hours 12 minutes
Laughlin/Bullhead Int’l Airport374 miles6 hours 53 minutes

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

4 Major International Airports In Arizona
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport or PHX is a busy airport in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States connecting people to different places in the country and around the world.

The airport has modern facilities helping millions of people travel every year against the beautiful backdrop of the Arizona desert. PHX has different parts called terminals each with things like places to eat and shops. If you are at this airport you can easily get to downtown Phoenix and other places. 

They care about making travelers happy and also focus on being eco-friendly. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is like a big part of the worldwide air travel system showing the Southwest spirit and being an important place for people traveling globally.

PHX Runway and Terminal Information

At PHX which is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport they have a really good system for runways and terminals that makes flying easy. The airport has many runways which are like roads for planes to take off and land. This helps flights run smoothly. 

The runways are made to work well for all kinds of planes coming in and going out of PHX making the airport an important place in the world of flying. PHX also has different buildings called terminals where passengers can go. These terminals are like doors to flights. They are made to be helpful with places to eat and stores. 

People going through the airport can move around the terminals easily and catch their flights without any problems. Talking about the infrastructure PHX features two terminals (Terminal 3 and Terminal 4) with a total of 106 active aircraft gates.

8/2611,489 ft by 150 ftConcrete
7L/25R10,300 ft by 150 ftConcrete
7R/25L7,800 ft by 150 ftConcrete

Airlines and Destinations

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) serves as a major hub for a variety of airlines connecting passengers to diverse destinations. Airlines operating at PHX offer flights to both domestic and international locations providing travelers with a wide range of options. 

Popular airlines at the airport include American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines, among others. Destinations span across the United States and beyond surround cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Air CanadaMontreal, TorontoSeasonal flights to Vancouver and Calgary
Alaska AirlinesSeattle/Tacoma, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Everett, Boise, Anchorage
Allegiant AirStockton, Knoxville, Provo
American AirlinesAlmost all major domestic routes
Boutique AirCortez, Show Low
British AirwaysLondon-Heathrow
Condor AirlinesSeasonal flights to Frankfurt
Contour AirlinesPage
Delta Air LinesSalt Lake City, Seattle/Tacoma, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York-JFK
Denver Air Connection Seasonal Flights to Telluride
Frontier AirlinesSan Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Orlando, Ontario, Oakland, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, Burbank, Chicago-O’Hare, Cleveland, Colorado SpringsSeasonal flights to Atlanta
Hawaiian AirlinesKahului, Honolulu
JetBlue AirwaysNew York-JFK, Fort Lauderdale, Newark, Boston
JSXOakland, Las Vegas, Burbank
Southwest AirlinesAlmost all major domestic destinations.
Spirit AirlinesDallas/Fort WorthSeasonal flights to New York-LaGuardia, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago–O’Hare
Sun Country Airlines Minneapolis/St. PaulSeasonal Flights to Rochester, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Duluth
United AirlinesWashington-Dulles, San Francisco, Chicago-O’Hare, Denver, Houston-Intercontinental, NewarkSeasonal flights to Los Angeles and Cleveland
VolarisGuadalajara, Culiacan
WestJetCalgarySeasonal flights to Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon

PHX Technical Information

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ELEVATION1,135 ft (346 m) AMSL
AREA3,400 acres (1,400 ha)
RUNWAY8/26 (11,489 ft long) – Concrete Surface7L/25R (10,300 ft long) – Concrete Surface7R/25L (7,800 ft long) – Concrete Surface

Tucson International Airport (TUS)

4 Major International Airports In Arizona
Tucson International Airport (TUS)

Tucson International Airport or TUS is a busy place in Arizona that helps people go to Tucson and nearby areas. It has been around since World War II and has become a modern and easy-to-use airport for travelers from different places.

People at TUS can find lots of things to enjoy like different places to eat, stores to shop at and quick ways to check in. The airport cares about making passengers happy keeping everything clean and having friendly staff. Tucson International Airport is important for people traveling to see the different places and cool things in the American Southwest.

TUS Runway and Terminal Information

Tucson International Airport is also known as TUS has a really good runway and terminal setup that helps all kinds of travelers whether they are going within the country or flying internationally. 

The runway has modern tools like navigation and lighting systems to make sure planes can take off and land safely and without any problems. Among the notable features of the airport, TUS which is one of the 4 Major International Airports in Arizona boasts a well-designed terminal focused on ensuring passengers feel comfortable and happy.

There are big lounges, stores to shop in and places to eat creating a friendly atmosphere for travelers. There are also clear signs and quick security processes to make everything easy for passengers showing that TUS cares about working well and making sure passengers are happy.

11L/29R10,996 ft by 150 ftAsphalt
11R/29L8,408 ft by 150 ftAsphalt
3/217,000 ft by 150 ftAsphalt
Helipad H1100 ft by 100 ftAsphalt
Helipad H260 ft by 60 ftAsphalt
Helipad H360 ft by 60 ftAsphalt

TUS Airlines and Destinations

4 Major International Airports In Arizona
TUS Airlines and Destinations

TUS Airport is also known as Tucson International Airport serves as a key transportation hub in Arizona. It has different array of airlines including major carriers and regional operators, TUS connects passengers to an extensive network of destinations. 

From popular domestic routes to convenient international connections, TUS Airport provides travelers with a gateway to explore the southwestern United States and beyond.

Alaska AirlinesEverett (North Seattle), Portland (OR), Seattle
American AirlinesChicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas/Fort Worth
Delta Air LinesAtlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Seattle
Southwest AirlinesChicago-Midway, Denver, Houston Hobby, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego
Sun Country AirlinesMinneapolis-St. Paul
United AirlinesChicago O’Hare, Denver, San Francisco, Houston Intercontinental

TUS Technical Information

Tucson International Airport (TUS) boasts state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern aviation technology. The airport terminal features advanced security systems, smooth check-in processes and enough services for passengers. TUS is well-prepared to handle various aircraft types and is committed to providing a safe and efficient travel experience for all.

ELEVATION2,643 ft (806 m) AMSL
AREA7,938 acres (3,212 ha)
RUNWAY11L/29R (10,996 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt Surface11R/29L (8,408 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt Surface3/21 (7,000 ft by 150 ft) – Asphalt SurfaceH1 (100 ft by 100 ft) – Asphalt SurfaceH2 (60 ft by 60 ft) – Asphalt SurfaceH3 (60 ft by 60 ft) – Asphalt Surface

Yuma International Airport (YUM)

4 Major International Airports In Arizona
Yuma International Airport (YUM)

Yuma International Airport or YUM is a busy place in Arizona where people catch planes. It has a new building with everything you need for easy travel, whether in the U.S. or other countries. 

YUM is close to the U.S.-Mexico border making it important for people traveling between the two countries. At Yuma International Airport getting on your plane is quick and easy. There are lots of parking and you can find shops and places to eat.

The airport cares about keeping people safe and happy making it a great choice for those who want a convenient and easy travel experience in the southwestern United States. Whether you are arriving or leaving YUM is a friendly place for air travelers to explore the beautiful landscapes and interesting culture of the Yuma region.

YUM Runway and Terminal Information

Yuma International Airport known as YUM gives all the important info about its runways and terminal to make flying easy. The airport has good runways with modern tools for safe landings and takeoffs. 

The passenger terminal is designed for convenience with modern facilities and safety measures to improve travel for visitors and passengers. YUM always keeps its info current and trustworthy making it a key place for flying.

3L/21R13,300 ft by 200 ftConcrete
3R/21L9,240 ft by 150 ftAsphalt/Concrete
8/266,146 ft by 150 ftAsphalt/Concrete
17/355,710 ft by 150 ftAsphalt/Concrete

YUM Airlines and Destinations

YUM Airport is located in Yuma, Arizona serves as a gateway to the region with a variety of airlines offering flights to different destinations. Below is a brief table outlining some of the major airlines operating at YUM Airport and their popular destinations.

SkyWest AirlinesPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport
Boutique AirPhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
Contour AirlinesMcCarran International Airport (Las Vegas), Sky Harbor International Airport

YUM Technical Information

YUM International Airport is a vital aviation hub in Arizona. Equipped with modern facilities and serves as a key transportation link for both commercial and general aviation traffic in the southwestern United States.

ELEVATION213 ft (65 m) AMSL
AREA3,100 acres (1,300 ha)
RUNWAY3L/21R (13,300 ft long) – Concrete3R/21L (9,239 ft long) – Asphalt/Concrete8/26 (6,146 ft long) – Asphalt/Concrete17/35 (5,710 ft long) – Asphalt/Concrete

Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP)

4 Major International Airports In Arizona
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP)

Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP) is a small airport close to Bullhead City, Arizona and Laughlin Nevada. It helps people from Arizona, Nevada and California travel easily to Laughlin a famous place for games and the beautiful Colorado River.

The airport has one runway and a simple building for planes. It welcomes both big and small planes. You can find important services like renting cars and transportation on the ground to help travelers smoothly go around the area. 

Also it is not a big airport IFP is important because it connects people to fun things to do and beautiful places to visit in the southwestern United States.

IFP Runway and Terminal Information

Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport has a really good runway and terminal to make flying easy. The single main runway is 16/34 with a dimension of 8,500 ft by 150 ft (2,591 m by 46 m) long and works well for different sizes of planes so they can take off and land easily. 

The runway has modern things like navigation aids and lights to make sure planes can operate safely even when it is hard to see. The airport terminal is also nice for travelers. It has good things like check-in counters, security checkpoints and restful waiting areas. 

The airport wants to make traveling easy and fun for passengers making it an important place for people coming to Laughlin/Bullhead City.

IFP Airlines and Destinations

IFP Airport is also known as Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport serves as a vital gateway connecting passengers to various destinations. With a strategic location near Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona this airport offers easy access to the vibrant attractions of the Colorado River region. 

IFP Airport is a hub for several airlines ensuring a range of flight options for travelers. Popular carriers provide regular services to destinations across the United States, allowing passengers to explore diverse cities, landscapes and cultures. 

If it is a business trip or a leisurely getaway IFP Airport facilitates best travel experiences enhancing connectivity and convenience for all who pass through its gates.

IFP Technical Information

IFP Airport boasts modern technical infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure smooth operations. With a asphalt surface runway the airport accommodates a variety of aircraft sizes supporting both commercial and general aviation traffic. 

The airport is equipped with advanced navigation systems and efficient ground services, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Its commitment to technical excellence makes IFP Airport a reliable aviation hub for travelers and aviation enthusiasts.


What are the major airports in Arizona?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and Tucson International Airport (TUS) are the major airports in Arizona.

How many international airports are in Arizona?

There are 4 international airports in Arizona out of which 2 airports (PHX and TUS) offer regular commercial passenger flights.

What major airports are near Tucson AZ?

The nearest airport to Tucson is Tucson (TUS) Airport which is 7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Phoenix esa Gateway (AZA) (87 miles) and Phoenix (PHX) (105 miles).

How many international airports are in Phoenix?

Phoenix has one international airport which is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

What other airports are near Phoenix Arizona?

Tucson International Airport (TUS), Chandler Municipal Airport and Falcon Field Airport are the other airports near Phoenix Arizona.


In conclusion checking out the big airports in Arizona like PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport) and TUS (Tucson International Airport) helps us understand how the state airplanes work. These airports are super important because they connect Arizona to places all around the world making it easier for people to travel, trade things and bring in tourists.

When we looked into the details of 4 Major International Airports In Arizona (PHX, TUS) we saw that each airport has its own special role in connecting Arizona and helping its economy. Phoenix Sky Harbor is like a busy center that shows off how important Arizona is, and Tucson International Airport highlights all the different things the region has to offer. Also these airports are a major part of how Arizona stays connected with the rest of the world and keeps growing.

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