Find All Major Airports Close To Bakersfield CA (BFL, VIA)

Bakersfield CA is a city located in the southern part of California Central Valley. Known for its agricultural industry particularly oil and natural gas production. Bakersfield is a hub for country music and is recognized for its warm climate and diverse cultural influences.

Starting a trip from Bakersfield, CA and wondering about the airports around? Look no further than the guide called Find All Major Airports Close To Bakersfield, CA. If you are getting ready for a work trip or a relaxing vacation this guide helps you find out which airports connect Bakersfield to the rest of the world. It makes sure your next adventure takes off smoothly. Discover the important airports that turn Bakersfield into a doorway to the sky.

Bakersfield CA is served by Meadows Field Airport (BFL) offering domestic flights. For international travel travelers can access major airports such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO) both within a few hours drive from Bakersfield.

Airports Close to Bakersfield CA

Bakersfield, CA is conveniently served by 3 major airports offering a range of air travel options for both residents and visitors. The primary airport, Meadows Field Airport (BFL) is located approximately seven miles northwest of downtown Bakersfield.

Meadows Field Airport offers domestic flights and serves as a key transportation hub for the region. Additionally other airports in the locality contribute to the air connectivity of Bakersfield. 

Bakersfield Municipal Airport3.8 miles8 minutes
Meadows Field Airport8.1 miles13 minutes
Visalia Municipal Airport74.5 miles1 hour 9 minutes

International Airports near Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield California not directly served by its own international airport is conveniently located near several major international airports providing efficient air travel options for residents and visitors.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport110 miles1 hour 50 minutes
Los Angeles International Airport116 miles1 hour 50 minutes
Ontario International Airport148 miles2 hours 20 minutes
John Wayne Airport151 miles2 hours 24 minutes

Meadows Field Airport (ICAO: KBFL, IATA: BFL, FAA LID: BFL)

Airports Close To Bakersfield CA
Meadows Field Airport

Meadows Field Airport is a busy airport in Bakersfield. It is an important place for people to travel to and from the Central Valley. The airport is surrounded by beautiful scenery and it makes it easy for travelers to reach big cities and other destinations. Meadows Field Airport cares about making travelers feel comfortable and making things run smoothly. They have services like car rentals, places to eat and well-kept facilities to make sure traveling is easy and enjoyable.

The airport is not just for travelers it also helps the local community grow. Because it is in a good spot it helps businesses connect with each other. Meadows Field Airport is committed to being safe and efficient making it a valuable part of the Central Valley. It keeps people and businesses connected to new opportunities and it is known for being reliable and convenient.

Runway and Terminal Information

Meadows Field Airport (BFL) features a well-equipped runway and terminal to facilitate smooth operations. Passengers can enjoy hassle-free check-ins, efficient security processes and a variety of services to make their journey comfortable. 

With a focus on passenger satisfaction BFL terminal staff is committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all visitors to this vibrant city. The runway provides a secure platform for aircraft take-offs and landings. 

12L/30R10,855 ft by 150 ft (3,309 m by 46 m)Asphalt
12R/30L7,703 ft by 100 ft (2,348 m by 30 m)Asphalt

Airlines and Destinations

Airports Close To Bakersfield CA
Airlines and Destinations

Bakersfield Meadows Field Airport (BFL) serves as a vital transportation point connecting the vibrant city of Bakersfield with various destinations across the United States. 

Serving to the diverse travel needs of its passengers BFL hosts several major airlines that offer a range of domestic flights. Popular carriers like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines operate from BFL linking travelers to key destinations nationwide. 

American AirlinesDallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Southwest AirlinesLas Vegas McCarran International Airport, Oakland International Airport
United AirlinesDenver International Airport, San Francisco International Airport

Technical Information

Meadows Field Airport located in Bakersfield California serves as a vital aviation hub for the region. The Airport is equipped with a single asphalt runway, Runway 12/30 measuring approximately 10,482 feet in length. Equipped with modern facilities, Meadows Field Airport accommodates various general aviation and commercial flights contributing to the connectivity of the Central Valley.

AREA1,357 acres (549 ha)
ELEVATION 510 ft (155 m) AMSL
RUNWAY12L/30R (10,855 ft long) – Asphalt Surface12R/30L (7,703 ft long) – Asphalt Surface

Bakersfield Municipal Airport (FAA LID: L45)

Airports Close To Bakersfield CA
Bakersfield Municipal Airport

Bakersfield Municipal Airport (known as L45 by the FAA) is an important place for travel in Bakersfield, California. It is in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley and is mainly used by people who enjoy flying for fun. The airport helps connect the city to different landscapes and businesses in the area.

Even though it is not a very big airport, Bakersfield Municipal Airport is crucial for business trips, people flying for fun and bringing the community together. The airport is friendly and has well-kept facilities. The staff there work hard to make sure flying is easy and enjoyable for both pilots and passengers.

Because of its good location and great service Bakersfield Municipal Airport makes it much easier for people to get around in Bakersfield. It is an important part of how people in the area travel.

Runway and Terminal Information

Bakersfield Municipal Airport is a vital transportation hub in California boasts a well-equipped facility for air travel. The runway measuring 8,500 feet in length ensures compatibility with a variety of aircraft accommodating both domestic and international flights. 

The modern terminal offers a seamless travel experience, featuring efficient check-in counters, comfortable waiting areas and a range of services for passengers.

CategoryRunway InformationTerminal Facilities
Runway Length8,500 feetEfficient check-in counters
Aircraft CompatibilityDomestic and InternationalComfortable waiting areas
Terminal FeaturesModern amenitiesRange of facilities for passengers
Overall CapacityAccommodates various aircraftSeamless travel experience

Bakersfield Municipal Airport Airlines and Destinations

Bakersfield Municipal Airport serves as a vital transportation hub, connecting residents and visitors to various destinations. The airport is home to several prominent airlines that offer diverse flight options including to both domestic and international travelers. 

Well-known airlines like American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest have regular flights to and from Bakersfield making it easy for people to travel. Bakersfield Municipal Airport (BFL) located strategically serves as a starting point for various destinations. If you want to Find all major airports close to Bakersfield, CA you can also check out VIA for more travel options.

From major cities to popular vacation spots the airport facilitates seamless travel experiences. Passengers can start on journeys to destinations like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas enjoying the convenience and accessibility offered by the airlines operating at Bakersfield Municipal Airport.

Technical Information

Bakersfield Municipal Airport nestled in the heart of California stands as a main  hub for regional air travel providing essential connectivity to the crowded city and its surrounding areas. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities the airport ensures a best travel experience. 

Runway specifications include a length of 8,000 feet accommodating a diverse range of aircraft sizes. The airport boasts modern navigation systems such as an ILS (Instrument Landing System) ensuring safe and efficient landings even in adverse weather conditions. 

With a dedicated team of professionals and cutting-edge technology, Bakersfield Municipal Airport stands as a testament to the region commitment to promote  convenient and secure air travel.

Runway Length8,000 feet
Instrument Landing SystemYes
Control TowerOperational
Aircraft ParkingMultiple Aprons
Navigation SystemsILS, VOR, GPS
Fueling ServicesAvailable
Maintenance FacilitiesOn-site
Terminal FacilitiesModern and Well-equipped
Air Traffic Control24/7 Operations
LocationBakersfield, California

Visalia Municipal Airport (ICAO: KVIS, IATA: VIS, FAA LID: VIS)

Airports Close To Bakersfield CA
Visalia Municipal Airport

Visalia Municipal Airport, identified by the ICAO code KVIS, IATA code VIS, and FAA LID VIS serves as a vital transportation point in the heart of California. It is in the San Joaquin Valley this airport plays a major role in connecting the region to broader air travel networks. 

With its strategic location Visalia Municipal Airport facilitates convenient access for both business and leisure travelers. Equipped with modern facilities and services KVIS serve to a diverse range of aviation needs. Whether general aviation, corporate flights, or recreational flying the airport accommodates various aircraft promote a dynamic aviation community. 

As a gateway to the vibrant city of Visalia and the surrounding areas the airport contributes significantly to regional connectivity and economic development express the importance of air travel infrastructure in promoting growth and accessibility.

Visalia Municipal: Runway-Terminal-Airlines-Destinations

Visalia Municipal Airport (ICAO: KVIS, IATA: VIS, FAA LID: VIS) display a well-equipped infrastructure that supports efficient air travel. 

Runway Length7,599 feet
Terminal Capacity200 passengers per hour
Airlines ServingRegional carriers
DestinationsRegional destinations

The airport runway spanning 7,599 feet contains a variety of aircraft ensuring smooth takeoffs and landings. The terminal with a capacity of 200 passengers per hour provides a comfortable and functional space for travelers. 

Visalia Municipal Airport is primarily served by regional carriers connecting passengers to various regional destinations. This numerical overview reflects the airport commitment to facilitating convenient and accessible air travel for the community and beyond.

VIS Technical Information

VIS Technical Information is like a treasure trove of important details about how things work. It has clear info, pictures and practical details to help you understand complicated stuff better. 

You can easily find short and easy-to-read documents that help you fix problems and make systems work even better. With the latest info, VIS Technical Information is a helpful tool that gives you the confidence to make smart choices and handle technology like a pro.

AREA821 acres (332 ha)
ELEVATION 295 ft (90 m) AMSL
RUNWAY16/34 (4,000 ft long) – Asphalt Surface


How many airports does Bakersfield have?

There are 8 public or private airports and other aviation facilities in bakersfield, CA.

Which airport is closest to Bakersfield CA?

The nearest airport to Bakersfield is Bakersfield (BFL) Airport which is 4.9 miles away. 

Which airlines fly from Bakersfield?

American Airlines, United Airlines and Aha Airlines fly to various domestic destinations from Bakersfield.

What airlines fly out of Meadows Field Airport?

Aha Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines fly out of Meadows Field Airport.


The search for major airports close to Bakersfield, CA specifically BFL (Meadows Field Airport) and VIA (Visalia Municipal Airport) disclose essential travel information for individuals in the region. By identifying these key airports travelers gain valuable insights into convenient air travel options facilitating smoother journey planning and connectivity.

In summary Find All Major Airports Close To Bakersfield CA (BFL, VIA) effectively serves as a gateway to essential data for those seeking air transportation in and around Bakersfield. The addition of specific airport codes BFL and VIA organized the search process offering users a concise and targeted approach to discovering major airports ultimately enhancing their travel experience in the region.

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